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fnex::FitAlgorithm Class Referenceabstract

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for fnex::FitAlgorithm:
fnex::FitAlg_ROOTFactoryFit fnex::FitAlg_SeparatedSystFit

Public Member Functions

 FitAlgorithm (fhicl::ParameterSet const &pset)
virtual ~FitAlgorithm ()
virtual void Reconfigure (fhicl::ParameterSet const &pset)=0
virtual bool Fit (EventListMap const &fEventLists, InputPoint const &pInputPoint, PointResult &pPointResult)=0
bool IsConfigured ()
MultiExperiment const & ListMultiExperiment () const
void DrawPlots (art::TFileDirectory *plotDir) const

Protected Attributes

bool fIsConfigured
MultiExperiment fMultiExperiment

Detailed Description

Definition at line 19 of file FitAlgorithm.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

fnex::FitAlgorithm::FitAlgorithm ( fhicl::ParameterSet const &  pset)

Definition at line 6 of file FitAlgorithm.cxx.

7  : fIsConfigured (false)
8  , fMultiExperiment(pset.get<fhicl::ParameterSet>("MultiExperimentParameters"))
9  {
10  }
MultiExperiment fMultiExperiment
Definition: FitAlgorithm.h:50
virtual fnex::FitAlgorithm::~FitAlgorithm ( )

Definition at line 25 of file FitAlgorithm.h.

References Fit(), IsConfigured(), and Reconfigure().

25 {};

Member Function Documentation

void fnex::FitAlgorithm::DrawPlots ( art::TFileDirectory plotDir) const

Definition at line 20 of file FitAlgorithm.cxx.

References fnex::MultiExperiment::DrawFitterProgressGraphs(), fnex::MultiExperiment::DrawParallelPlots(), fnex::MultiExperiment::DrawPlots(), and fMultiExperiment.

Referenced by ListMultiExperiment().

21  {
22  fMultiExperiment.DrawPlots(plotDir);
25  }
MultiExperiment fMultiExperiment
Definition: FitAlgorithm.h:50
void DrawParallelPlots(art::TFileDirectory *plotDir) const
void DrawFitterProgressGraphs(art::TFileDirectory *plotDir) const
void DrawPlots(art::TFileDirectory *plotDir) const
virtual bool fnex::FitAlgorithm::Fit ( EventListMap const &  fEventLists,
InputPoint const &  pInputPoint,
PointResult pPointResult 
pure virtual
bool fnex::FitAlgorithm::IsConfigured ( )

Definition at line 13 of file FitAlgorithm.cxx.

References fIsConfigured.

Referenced by ~FitAlgorithm().

14  {
15  return fIsConfigured;
16  }
MultiExperiment const& fnex::FitAlgorithm::ListMultiExperiment ( ) const

Definition at line 41 of file FitAlgorithm.h.

References DrawPlots(), and fMultiExperiment.

41 { return fMultiExperiment; }
MultiExperiment fMultiExperiment
Definition: FitAlgorithm.h:50
virtual void fnex::FitAlgorithm::Reconfigure ( fhicl::ParameterSet const &  pset)
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

bool fnex::FitAlgorithm::fIsConfigured
MultiExperiment fnex::FitAlgorithm::fMultiExperiment

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