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genie::flux::GFlavorMixerI Class Referenceabstract

GENIE interface for flavor modification. More...

#include "/cvmfs/"

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evgen::GFlavorOsc genie::flux::GFlavorMap

Public Member Functions

 GFlavorMixerI ()
virtual ~GFlavorMixerI ()
virtual void Config (std::string config)=0
virtual double Probability (int pdg_initial, int pdg_final, double energy, double dist)=0
virtual void PrintConfig (bool verbose=true)=0
 provide a means of printing the configuration More...

Detailed Description

GENIE interface for flavor modification.

Specific implementations of this class when used in conjuction with the genie::flux::GFluxBlender class allow it to act as an intermediate between a concrete flux generator and the genie::GMCJDriver class. Using this adapter allows one to apply neutrino flavor changes using different models without modifying either the concrete flux generator or GMCJDriver.

Concrete instances of this interface must be configurable from a string, and provide a means of calculating the transition probability from one flavor to any of the PDG codes { 0, 12, 14, 16, -12, -14, -16 } where 0 represents the complete disappearance (decay, sterile, ...).

Probability is expected to be normalized (that is, the sum of all possible outcomes, including 0, must be 1).

Robert Hatcher <rhatcher> Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

genie::flux::GFlavorMixerI::GFlavorMixerI ( )

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17 { ; }
genie::flux::GFlavorMixerI::~GFlavorMixerI ( )

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18 { ; }

Member Function Documentation

virtual void genie::flux::GFlavorMixerI::Config ( std::string  config)
pure virtual

each schema must take a string that configures it it is up to the individual model to parse said string and extract parameters (e.g. sin2th23, deltam12, etc)

Implemented in genie::flux::GFlavorMap, and evgen::GFlavorOsc.

virtual void genie::flux::GFlavorMixerI::PrintConfig ( bool  verbose = true)
pure virtual

provide a means of printing the configuration

Implemented in genie::flux::GFlavorMap, and evgen::GFlavorOsc.

virtual double genie::flux::GFlavorMixerI::Probability ( int  pdg_initial,
int  pdg_final,
double  energy,
double  dist 
pure virtual

for any pair of PDG codes the model must calculate the transition probability. This can also depend on neutrino energy (in GeV) and distance (in meters) from the neutrino origin.

Implemented in genie::flux::GFlavorMap, and evgen::GFlavorOsc.

Referenced by genie::flux::GFluxBlender::ChooseFlavor().

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