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om::SummarySubscriber Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for om::SummarySubscriber:
om::DataBlockErrors om::FEBRatesByDiblock om::HitCounts om::HitMaps om::MicroErrors om::NanoErrors om::RawEventErrors om::TQPlots om::TriggerPlots om::WLPlots

Public Types

enum  _which { kEvent = 0x01, kDataBlock = 0x02, kMicroSlice = 0x04, kNanoSlice = 0x08 }
 Which summaries does a class want to subscribe to? More...

Public Member Functions

 SummarySubscriber (unsigned int which)
virtual void GetRawEventSummary (const RawEventSummary &res)
 Interface to the event summary. More...
virtual void GetDataBlockSummary (const RawEventSummary &res, const DataBlockSummary &dbs)
 Interface to the data block summary. More...
virtual void GetMicroSliceSummary (const RawEventSummary &res, const DataBlockSummary &dbs, const MicroSliceSummary &mss)
 Interface to the microslice summary. More...
virtual void GetNanoSliceSummary (const RawEventSummary &res, const DataBlockSummary &dbs, const MicroSliceSummary &mss, const NanoSliceSummary &nss)
 Interface to the nanoslice summary. More...

Private Member Functions

 SummarySubscriber ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Which summaries does a class want to subscribe to?


Definition at line 20 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SummarySubscriber::SummarySubscriber ( unsigned int  which)

Definition at line 6 of file SummarySubscriber.cxx.

References om::RawEventUnpacker::Instance(), kDataBlock, kEvent, kMicroSlice, kNanoSlice, om::RawEventUnpacker::SubscribeToDataBlockSummary(), om::RawEventUnpacker::SubscribeToMicroSliceSummary(), om::RawEventUnpacker::SubscribeToNanoSliceSummary(), and om::RawEventUnpacker::SubscribeToRawEventSummary().

7 {
8  if ((which & kEvent)!=0) {
10  }
11  if ((which & kDataBlock)!=0) {
13  }
14  if ((which & kMicroSlice)!=0) {
16  }
17  if ((which & kNanoSlice)!=0) {
19  }
20 }
void SubscribeToMicroSliceSummary(SummarySubscriber *s)
void SubscribeToNanoSliceSummary(SummarySubscriber *s)
void SubscribeToRawEventSummary(SummarySubscriber *s)
static RawEventUnpacker & Instance()
void SubscribeToDataBlockSummary(SummarySubscriber *s)
om::SummarySubscriber::SummarySubscriber ( )

Default constructor not allowed. Use the one at the top of this file

Definition at line 51 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

51 { abort(); }

Member Function Documentation

virtual void om::SummarySubscriber::GetDataBlockSummary ( const RawEventSummary res,
const DataBlockSummary dbs 

Interface to the data block summary.

Reimplemented in om::DataBlockErrors.

Definition at line 35 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

36  { abort(); }
virtual void om::SummarySubscriber::GetMicroSliceSummary ( const RawEventSummary res,
const DataBlockSummary dbs,
const MicroSliceSummary mss 

Interface to the microslice summary.

Reimplemented in om::MicroErrors.

Definition at line 39 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

41  { abort(); }
virtual void om::SummarySubscriber::GetNanoSliceSummary ( const RawEventSummary res,
const DataBlockSummary dbs,
const MicroSliceSummary mss,
const NanoSliceSummary nss 

Interface to the nanoslice summary.

Reimplemented in om::FEBRatesByDiblock, om::HitMaps, om::NanoErrors, om::TQPlots, and om::WLPlots.

Definition at line 44 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

47  { abort(); }
virtual void om::SummarySubscriber::GetRawEventSummary ( const RawEventSummary res)

Interface to the event summary.

Reimplemented in om::TriggerPlots, om::RawEventErrors, and om::HitCounts.

Definition at line 32 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

32 { abort(); };

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