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om::WLPlots Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

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Public Types

enum  _which { kEvent = 0x01, kDataBlock = 0x02, kMicroSlice = 0x04, kNanoSlice = 0x08 }
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Public Member Functions

 WLPlots ()
 ~WLPlots ()
virtual void GetNanoSliceSummary (const RawEventSummary &r, const DataBlockSummary &dbs, const MicroSliceSummary &mss, const NanoSliceSummary &nss)
 Interface to the nanoslice summary. More...
virtual void GetRawEventSummary (const RawEventSummary &res)
 Interface to the event summary. More...
virtual void GetDataBlockSummary (const RawEventSummary &res, const DataBlockSummary &dbs)
 Interface to the data block summary. More...
virtual void GetMicroSliceSummary (const RawEventSummary &res, const DataBlockSummary &dbs, const MicroSliceSummary &mss)
 Interface to the microslice summary. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file WLPlots.h.

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Definition at line 20 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WLPlots::WLPlots ( )
WLPlots::~WLPlots ( )

Definition at line 20 of file WLPlots.cxx.

20 { }

Member Function Documentation

virtual void om::SummarySubscriber::GetDataBlockSummary ( const RawEventSummary res,
const DataBlockSummary dbs 

Interface to the data block summary.

Reimplemented in om::DataBlockErrors.

Definition at line 35 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

36  { abort(); }
virtual void om::SummarySubscriber::GetMicroSliceSummary ( const RawEventSummary res,
const DataBlockSummary dbs,
const MicroSliceSummary mss 

Interface to the microslice summary.

Reimplemented in om::MicroErrors.

Definition at line 39 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

41  { abort(); }
void WLPlots::GetNanoSliceSummary ( const RawEventSummary res,
const DataBlockSummary dbs,
const MicroSliceSummary mss,
const NanoSliceSummary nss 

Interface to the nanoslice summary.

Reimplemented from om::SummarySubscriber.

Definition at line 24 of file WLPlots.cxx.

References om::NanoSliceSummary::fADC, om::MicroSliceSummary::fDCM, om::MicroSliceSummary::fDiblock, om::NanoSliceSummary::fFEB, om::WatchListManager::FillPlots(), om::NanoSliceSummary::fPix, om::RawEventSummary::fT0lo32Usec, om::NanoSliceSummary::fUsec, and om::WatchListManager::Instance().

28 {
29  //
30  // NOTE:
31  //
32  // Unlike other plot makers, this one does NOT make any actual plots.
33  // Since the WatchListManager holds all of the information about
34  // what hardware is on the WatchList and which WatchList histograms
35  // exist, it is much simpler to have it do all of the histogram
36  // filling. The WLPlots object only exists to fit the existing
37  // structure and to make what the code is doing as transparent as
38  // possible.
41  nss.fFEB, nss.fPix,
42  nss.fUsec-r.fT0lo32Usec,
43  nss.fADC);
45 }
void FillPlots(int db, int dcm, int feb, int pix, double time, unsigned int adc)
unsigned int fDCM
unsigned int fDiblock
Diblock ID.
unsigned int fPix
Pixel number on FEB.
double fUsec
Time of hit relative to start of micro slice.
unsigned int fADC
Charge of hit in TDC units.
TRandom3 r(0)
unsigned int fFEB
FEB number of nanoslice (aka "hit")
static WatchListManager & Instance()
virtual void om::SummarySubscriber::GetRawEventSummary ( const RawEventSummary res)

Interface to the event summary.

Reimplemented in om::TriggerPlots, om::RawEventErrors, and om::HitCounts.

Definition at line 32 of file SummarySubscriber.h.

32 { abort(); };

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