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slid::SliceLID Class Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Inheritance diagram for slid::SliceLID:

Public Member Functions

 SliceLID ()
 ~SliceLID ()
 SliceLID (int pdg, double val)
void SetValue (float in)
float Value () const
int Pdg () const
void SetPdg (int pdg)
void SetVal (double val)

Protected Attributes

int fPdg
 pdg code More...
double fVal
 pid value More...

Private Attributes

float fValue

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file SliceLID.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

slid::SliceLID::SliceLID ( )

Definition at line 19 of file SliceLID.h.

Referenced by ~SliceLID().

19 : fValue(-5.0){};
float fValue
Definition: SliceLID.h:30
slid::SliceLID::~SliceLID ( )

Definition at line 20 of file SliceLID.h.

References make_root_from_grid_output::pdg, SliceLID(), and febshutoff_auto::val.

20 {}
slid::SliceLID::SliceLID ( int  pdg,
double  val 

Definition at line 15 of file SliceLID.cxx.

16  : rb::PID(pdg, val),
17  fValue(-5.0)
18  {
19  }// end of constructor
A pid value and corresponding pdg code.
Definition: PID.h:13
float fValue
Definition: SliceLID.h:30

Member Function Documentation

int rb::PID::Pdg ( ) const

Definition at line 21 of file PID.h.

References rb::PID::fPdg.

Referenced by qeef::QeFinderVal::analyze().

21 {return fPdg; }
int fPdg
pdg code
Definition: PID.h:27
void rb::PID::SetPdg ( int  pdg)
void rb::PID::SetVal ( double  val)
void slid::SliceLID::SetValue ( float  in)

Definition at line 24 of file SliceLID.h.

References fValue, and in.

Referenced by slid::SliceLIDBuilder::produce().

24 { fValue = in; }
ifstream in
Definition: comparison.C:7
float fValue
Definition: SliceLID.h:30
float slid::SliceLID::Value ( ) const

Definition at line 25 of file SliceLID.h.

References fValue.

25 { return fValue; }
float fValue
Definition: SliceLID.h:30

Member Data Documentation

int rb::PID::fPdg

pdg code

Definition at line 27 of file PID.h.

Referenced by lem::PIDDetails::FromString(), rb::PID::Pdg(), and rb::PID::SetPdg().

double rb::PID::fVal

pid value

Definition at line 28 of file PID.h.

Referenced by lem::PIDDetails::FromString(), rb::PID::SetVal(), lem::PIDDetails::ToString(), and rb::PID::Value().

float slid::SliceLID::fValue

Definition at line 30 of file SliceLID.h.

Referenced by SetValue(), and Value().

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