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stan::math::internal::falling_factorial_vd_vari Class Reference

#include "stan/math/rev/scal/fun/falling_factorial.hpp"

Inheritance diagram for stan::math::internal::falling_factorial_vd_vari:
stan::math::op_vd_vari stan::math::vari

Public Member Functions

 falling_factorial_vd_vari (vari *avi, int b)
void chain ()
void init_dependent ()
void set_zero_adjoint ()

Static Public Member Functions

static voidoperator new (size_t nbytes)
static void operator delete (void *)

Public Attributes

const double val_
double adj_

Protected Attributes

double bd_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file falling_factorial.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stan::math::internal::falling_factorial_vd_vari::falling_factorial_vd_vari ( vari avi,
int  b 

Definition at line 15 of file falling_factorial.hpp.

16  : op_vd_vari(falling_factorial(avi->val_, b), avi, b) {}
op_vd_vari(double f, vari *avi, double b)
Definition: vd_vari.hpp:15
fvar< T > falling_factorial(const fvar< T > &x, int n)
const hit & b
Definition: hits.cxx:21

Member Function Documentation

void stan::math::internal::falling_factorial_vd_vari::chain ( )

Apply the chain rule to this variable based on the variables on which it depends. The base implementation in this class is a no-op.

Reimplemented from stan::math::vari.

Definition at line 17 of file falling_factorial.hpp.

References stan::math::vari::adj_, stan::math::op_vd_vari::avi_, stan::math::op_vd_vari::bd_, stan::math::digamma(), and stan::math::vari::val_.

17  {
18  avi_->adj_ += adj_ * val_
19  * (digamma(avi_->val_ + 1) - digamma(avi_->val_ - bd_ + 1));
20  }
const double val_
Definition: vari.hpp:38
double adj_
Definition: vari.hpp:44
fvar< T > digamma(const fvar< T > &x)
Definition: digamma.hpp:22
void stan::math::vari::init_dependent ( )

Initialize the adjoint for this (dependent) variable to 1. This operation is applied to the dependent variable before propagating derivatives, setting the derivative of the result with respect to itself to be 1.

Definition at line 93 of file vari.hpp.

Referenced by stan::math::grad().

93 { adj_ = 1.0; }
double adj_
Definition: vari.hpp:44
static void stan::math::vari::operator delete ( void )

Delete a pointer from the underlying memory pool.

This no-op implementation enables a subclass to throw exceptions in its constructor. An exception thrown in the constructor of a subclass will result in an error being raised, which is in turn caught and calls delete().

See the discussion of "plugging the memory leak" in:

Definition at line 140 of file vari.hpp.

140  { /* no op */
141  }
static void* stan::math::vari::operator new ( size_t  nbytes)

Allocate memory from the underlying memory pool. This memory is is managed as a whole externally.

Warning: Classes should not be allocated with this operator if they have non-trivial destructors.

nbytesNumber of bytes to allocate.
Pointer to allocated bytes.

Definition at line 125 of file vari.hpp.

References stan::math::stack_alloc::alloc(), stan::math::AutodiffStackSingleton< ChainableT, ChainableAllocT >::instance(), stan::math::AutodiffStackSingleton< ChainableT, ChainableAllocT >::AutodiffStackStorage::memalloc_, and nbytes.

125  {
127  }
Long64_t nbytes
static AutodiffStackStorage & instance()
void * alloc(size_t len)
void stan::math::vari::set_zero_adjoint ( )

Set the adjoint value of this variable to 0. This is used to reset adjoints before propagating derivatives again (for example in a Jacobian calculation).

Definition at line 100 of file vari.hpp.

100 { adj_ = 0.0; }
double adj_
Definition: vari.hpp:44

Member Data Documentation

double stan::math::vari::adj_

The adjoint of this variable, which is the partial derivative of this variable with respect to the root variable.

Definition at line 44 of file vari.hpp.

Referenced by stan::math::var::adj(), stan::math::scal_squared_distance_vv_vari::chain(), chain(), stan::math::internal::rising_factorial_vd_vari::chain(), stan::math::precomp_v_vari::chain(), stan::math::precomp_vv_vari::chain(), stan::math::precomp_vvv_vari::chain(), stan::math::scal_squared_distance_vd_vari::chain(), stan::math::scal_squared_distance_dv_vari::chain(), stan::math::sum_v_vari::chain(), stan::math::stored_gradient_vari::chain(), stan::math::gevv_vvv_vari::chain(), stan::math::precomputed_gradients_vari::chain(), stan::math::algebra_solver_vari< Fs, F, T, Fx >::chain(), stan::math::cholesky_block::chain(), stan::math::cov_exp_quad_vari< T_x, T_sigma, T_l >::chain(), stan::math::multiply_mat_vari< Ta, Ra, Ca, Tb, Cb >::chain(), stan::math::gp_periodic_cov_vari< T_x, T_sigma, T_l, T_p >::chain(), stan::math::matrix_exp_action_vari< Ta, N, Tb, Cb >::chain(), stan::math::multiply_mat_vari< Ta, 1, Ca, Tb, 1 >::chain(), stan::math::cov_exp_quad_vari< T_x, double, T_l >::chain(), stan::math::cholesky_scalar::chain(), stan::math::matrix_exp_action_vari< double, N, Tb, Cb >::chain(), stan::math::gp_periodic_cov_vari< T_x, double, T_l, T_p >::chain(), stan::math::multiply_mat_vari< double, Ra, Ca, Tb, Cb >::chain(), stan::math::multiply_mat_vari< double, 1, Ca, Tb, 1 >::chain(), stan::math::matrix_exp_action_vari< Ta, N, double, Cb >::chain(), stan::math::multiply_mat_vari< Ta, Ra, Ca, double, Cb >::chain(), stan::math::multiply_mat_vari< Ta, 1, Ca, double, 1 >::chain(), and stan::math::var::grad().

vari* stan::math::op_vd_vari::avi_

Definition at line 11 of file vd_vari.hpp.

Referenced by chain(), and stan::math::internal::rising_factorial_vd_vari::chain().

double stan::math::op_vd_vari::bd_

Definition at line 12 of file vd_vari.hpp.

Referenced by chain(), and stan::math::internal::rising_factorial_vd_vari::chain().

const double stan::math::vari::val_

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