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stan::mcmc::sample Class Reference

#include "stan/mcmc/sample.hpp"

Public Member Functions

 sample (const Eigen::VectorXd &q, double log_prob, double stat)
virtual ~sample ()
int size_cont () const
double cont_params (int k) const
void cont_params (Eigen::VectorXd &x) const
const Eigen::VectorXd & cont_params () const
double log_prob () const
double accept_stat () const
void get_sample_params (std::vector< double > &values)

Static Public Member Functions

static void get_sample_param_names (std::vector< std::string > &names)

Private Attributes

Eigen::VectorXd cont_params_
double log_prob_
double accept_stat_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file sample.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

stan::mcmc::sample::sample ( const Eigen::VectorXd &  q,
double  log_prob,
double  stat 

Definition at line 14 of file sample.hpp.

16  }
Eigen::VectorXd cont_params_
Definition: sample.hpp:55
double accept_stat_
Definition: sample.hpp:57
double log_prob() const
Definition: sample.hpp:36
double log_prob_
Definition: sample.hpp:56
virtual stan::mcmc::sample::~sample ( )

Definition at line 18 of file sample.hpp.

18 {} // No-op

Member Function Documentation

double stan::mcmc::sample::accept_stat ( ) const

Definition at line 40 of file sample.hpp.

References accept_stat_.

Referenced by TEST(), stan::mcmc::adapt_softabs_nuts< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_softabs_xhmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_unit_e_nuts< stan_model, boost::ecuyer1988 >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_unit_e_xhmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_softabs_static_hmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_dense_e_xhmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_softabs_static_uniform< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_diag_e_xhmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_diag_e_nuts< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_dense_e_nuts_classic< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_unit_e_static_hmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_dense_e_nuts< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_unit_e_nuts_classic< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_unit_e_static_uniform< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_diag_e_nuts_classic< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_dense_e_static_uniform< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_diag_e_static_uniform< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), stan::mcmc::adapt_dense_e_static_hmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition(), and stan::mcmc::adapt_diag_e_static_hmc< Model, BaseRNG >::transition().

40  {
41  return accept_stat_;
42  }
double accept_stat_
Definition: sample.hpp:57
double stan::mcmc::sample::cont_params ( int  k) const
void stan::mcmc::sample::cont_params ( Eigen::VectorXd &  x) const

Definition at line 28 of file sample.hpp.

References cont_params_.

28  {
29  x = cont_params_;
30  }
Eigen::VectorXd cont_params_
Definition: sample.hpp:55
const Eigen::VectorXd& stan::mcmc::sample::cont_params ( ) const

Definition at line 32 of file sample.hpp.

References cont_params_.

32  {
33  return cont_params_;
34  }
Eigen::VectorXd cont_params_
Definition: sample.hpp:55
static void stan::mcmc::sample::get_sample_param_names ( std::vector< std::string > &  names)

Definition at line 44 of file sample.hpp.

Referenced by stan::services::util::mcmc_writer::write_diagnostic_names(), and stan::services::util::mcmc_writer::write_sample_names().

44  {
45  names.push_back("lp__");
46  names.push_back("accept_stat__");
47  }
void stan::mcmc::sample::get_sample_params ( std::vector< double > &  values)

Definition at line 49 of file sample.hpp.

References accept_stat_, and log_prob_.

Referenced by stan::services::util::mcmc_writer::write_diagnostic_params(), and stan::services::util::mcmc_writer::write_sample_params().

49  {
50  values.push_back(log_prob_);
51  values.push_back(accept_stat_);
52  }
double accept_stat_
Definition: sample.hpp:57
double log_prob_
Definition: sample.hpp:56
double stan::mcmc::sample::log_prob ( ) const

Definition at line 36 of file sample.hpp.

References log_prob_.

Referenced by TEST().

36  {
37  return log_prob_;
38  }
double log_prob_
Definition: sample.hpp:56
int stan::mcmc::sample::size_cont ( ) const

Definition at line 20 of file sample.hpp.

References cont_params_.

Referenced by TEST().

20  {
21  return cont_params_.size();
22  }
Eigen::VectorXd cont_params_
Definition: sample.hpp:55

Member Data Documentation

double stan::mcmc::sample::accept_stat_

Definition at line 57 of file sample.hpp.

Referenced by accept_stat(), and get_sample_params().

Eigen::VectorXd stan::mcmc::sample::cont_params_

Definition at line 55 of file sample.hpp.

Referenced by cont_params(), and size_cont().

double stan::mcmc::sample::log_prob_

Definition at line 56 of file sample.hpp.

Referenced by get_sample_params(), and log_prob().

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