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1 struct DRAWPARS{
2  // The ticks to draw right now, typically just the minimum needed
3  // and not the whole range that is visible.
4  int32_t firsttick, lasttick;
5  bool clear;
6 };
8 // Refresh the event display in its current state. For use when exposed.
9 gboolean redraw_event(GtkWidget *widg, GdkEventExpose * ee,
10  gpointer data);
12 // Draw a whole event, a range, or an animation frame, as dictated by
13 // the DRAWPARS.
14 void draw_event(const DRAWPARS * const drawpars);
16 // Set the size of the event display areas to the size of the detector
17 // at the default zoom level
18 void request_edarea_size();
void draw_event(const DRAWPARS *const drawpars)
Definition: drawing.cxx:60
bool clear
Definition: drawing.h:5
const XML_Char const XML_Char * data
Definition: expat.h:268
void request_edarea_size()
Definition: drawing.cxx:52
int32_t firsttick
Definition: drawing.h:4
gboolean redraw_event(GtkWidget *widg, GdkEventExpose *ee, gpointer data)
int32_t lasttick
Definition: drawing.h:4