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ensurePointer.h File Reference
#include "canvas/Utilities/Exception.h"
#include "cetlib_except/demangle.h"
#include <iterator>
#include <type_traits>

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struct  art::detail::are_cv_compatible< T1, T2 >
struct  art::detail::EnsurePointer< TO, FROM >
struct  art::detail::EnsurePointer< TO, PFROM * >


 Service to store calibration data products (CDP) in the SQLite3 metadatabase of a file.


template<typename WANTED_POINTER , typename InputIterator >
WANTED_POINTER art::ensurePointer (InputIterator it)
template<typename TO , typename FROM >
constexpr std::enable_if_t< are_cv_compatible< TO, FROM >::value, std::add_pointer_t< std::remove_pointer_t< TO > > > art::detail::addr (FROM &from)
template<typename TO , typename FROM >
constexpr std::enable_if_t<!are_cv_compatible< TO, FROM >::value &&are_cv_compatible< FROM, TO >::value, std::add_pointer_t< std::remove_pointer_t< TO > > > art::detail::addr (FROM &from)