PandAna.Demos.demo0 Namespace Reference


 kSlcE = Var(lambda tables: tables['rec.slc']['calE'])
tuple kEnergyCut = (kSlcE > 1)&(kSlcE < 4)
string loc = '/pnfs/nova/persistent/users/karlwarb/HDF5-Training-19-02-26/FD-FluxSwap-FHC'
list files = [os.path.join(loc, f) for f in os.listdir(loc) if 'h5caf.h5' in f]
 tables = loader(files, limit=50)
 myspectrum = spectrum(tables, kEnergyCut, kSlcE)

Variable Documentation

list PandAna.Demos.demo0.files = [os.path.join(loc, f) for f in os.listdir(loc) if 'h5caf.h5' in f]

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tuple PandAna.Demos.demo0.kEnergyCut = (kSlcE > 1)&(kSlcE < 4)

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PandAna.Demos.demo0.kSlcE = Var(lambda tables: tables['rec.slc']['calE'])

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Referenced by mre_blessed(), and mre_comp_split().

string PandAna.Demos.demo0.loc = '/pnfs/nova/persistent/users/karlwarb/HDF5-Training-19-02-26/FD-FluxSwap-FHC'
PandAna.Demos.demo0.myspectrum = spectrum(tables, kEnergyCut, kSlcE)

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PandAna.Demos.demo0.tables = loader(files, limit=50)

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