beamlinesim Namespace Reference


class  BeamlineSimInput
class  CombinedBeamlineDetectorAna

Detailed Description

What this module's all about.

Beamline simulation: Junting's beamline generator are used as input to the NOvA GEANT4 simulation, which propagate the particles from the end of the beamline through the detector. The information stored in the beamline simulation files contain properties of the particles as they traverse the beamline. This information isn't included in the NOvASoft simulation files.

BeamlineSimInput: Designed to reconcile the information from the beamline simulation with the detector simulation. This module runs over the detector simulation files, which should contain art::Events corresponding to the input particles from the end of the beamline. It also takes the beamline output as input, reformats the data into the NOvASoft data products, and adds them to the event.