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naming_schema Namespace Reference


def datasetToLabel (name)
 convert the dataset name to a label More...
def validationName (name)
 get a validation name More...
def componentName (name)
 get a component name More...
def categoryName (name)
 get a histogram category name More...
def observableName (name)
 get a histogram observable name More...
def recoLevelName (name)
 get a reconstructed level More...
def trueLevelName (name)
 get a truth level More...


dictionary categories
 Naming schema histograms should follow a logical naming convention: <category>-<observable>-<reconstruction level>="">-<truth level>=""> this module contains dictionaries of all know values of these as a dictionary. More...
dictionary observables
dictionary reco_levels
dictionary true_levels
dictionary components
dictionary validations = {}
list standard_truth_components = ["", "QE", "Res", "DIS", "Coh", "MEC"]
list standard_truth_suffixes = []
dictionary bases
 L.Vinton's nested true selections bases = ["true_numucc","numuFD","numuND"]. More...
dictionary ints
dictionary contains
string key = "%s_%s_%s"
string value = "%s %s %s"

Function Documentation

def naming_schema.categoryName (   name)

get a histogram category name

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References plotROC.title.

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216 def categoryName(name):
217  if name in categories.keys():
218  return categories[name]
219  return name.replace("_"," ").title()
def categoryName(name)
get a histogram category name
def naming_schema.componentName (   name)

get a component name

Definition at line 210 of file

References plotROC.title.

Referenced by view_tools.componentStatusSummary(), PageMakers.makeComponentLogPages(), PageMakers.makeComponentSubmissionPage(), PageMakers.makeComponentTypePage(), and PageMakers.makeValidationPage().

210 def componentName(name):
211  if name in components.keys():
212  return components[name]
213  return name.replace("_"," ").title()
def componentName(name)
get a component name
def naming_schema.datasetToLabel (   name)

convert the dataset name to a label

Definition at line 190 of file

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190 def datasetToLabel(name):
191  if (" " in name): return name
192  label = ""
193  if "_nd_" in name: label += "ND "
194  else: label += "FD "
196  if "_genie_" in name: label += "genie"
197  if "_cry_" in name: label += "CRY"
198  if "_cosmic_" in name:label += "cosmic data"
199  if "_numi_" in name: label += "NuMI data"
201  return label
def datasetToLabel(name)
convert the dataset name to a label
def naming_schema.observableName (   name)

get a histogram observable name

Definition at line 222 of file

References plotROC.title.

Referenced by HTMLView.HTMLView.add_figure(), styles.parseAxisLabels(), and common_tools.sortPlotList().

222 def observableName(name):
223  if name in observables.keys():
224  return observables[name]
225  return name.replace("_"," ").title()
def observableName(name)
get a histogram observable name
def naming_schema.recoLevelName (   name)

get a reconstructed level

Definition at line 228 of file

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228 def recoLevelName(name):
229  if name in reco_levels.keys():
230  return reco_levels[name]
231  return name.replace("_"," ")
def recoLevelName(name)
get a reconstructed level
def naming_schema.trueLevelName (   name)

get a truth level

Definition at line 234 of file

234 def trueLevelName(name):
235  if name in true_levels.keys():
236  return true_levels[name]
237  return name.replace("_"," ")
def trueLevelName(name)
get a truth level
def naming_schema.validationName (   name)

get a validation name

Definition at line 204 of file

204 def validationName(name):
205  if name in validations.keys():
206  return validations[name]
207  return name.replace("_"," ")
def validationName(name)
get a validation name

Variable Documentation

dictionary naming_schema.bases
Initial value:
1 = {"true_numucc" : "True numu CC ",
2  "numuFD" : "FD numu selection ",
3  "numuND" : "ND numu selection "}

L.Vinton's nested true selections bases = ["true_numucc","numuFD","numuND"].

Definition at line 171 of file

dictionary naming_schema.categories
Initial value:
1 = {"reco" : "Reconstructed observables",
2  "true" : "Truth observables",
3  "mc" : "Truth observables",
4  "mixed" : "Miscellanea",
5  "res" : "Resolutions",
6  "SAM" : "SAM",
7  "" : "Unknown"}

Naming schema histograms should follow a logical naming convention: <category>-<observable>-<reconstruction level>="">-<truth level>=""> this module contains dictionaries of all know values of these as a dictionary.

The key of the dictionary should match the value in the histogram naming convention. The value is used to label these in plots

Definition at line 9 of file

dictionary naming_schema.components
Initial value:
1 = {"caf_analysis" : "CAF Analysis",
2  "caf_numu_nd_validation" : "CAF NuMu ND validation",
3  "caf_numu_validation" : "CAF NuMu validation",
4  "caf_numu_fd_validation" : "CAF NuMu FD validation",
5  "caf_numu_sensitivity" : "CAF NuMu Sensitivity"}

Definition at line 157 of file

Referenced by caf::Proxy< caf::SRCVNFeatures >.CheckEquals(), flat::Flat< caf::SRCVNFeatures >.Clear(), DrawCovMx(), flat::Flat< caf::SRCVNFeatures >.Fill(), GetComponents(), MakePPFXRatios(), MakeSystRatios(), NDDataMC(), nue_data_mc_validation(), nue_fd_mc_validation(), numu_data_mc_validation(), caf::Proxy< caf::SRCVNFeatures >.operator=(), and daq2raw.parseFilename().

dictionary naming_schema.contains
Initial value:
1 = {"no_cut" : "",
2  "true_nd_contained" : "True ND contained ",
3  "true_nd_uncontained" : "True ND un-contained "}

Definition at line 177 of file

Referenced by boost::python::indexing_suite< Container, DerivedPolicies, NoProxy >.base_contains(), stan::lang::validate_identifier.identifier_exists(), art::RangeSet.ranges(), and stan::lang::validate_identifier.validate_identifier().

dictionary naming_schema.ints
Initial value:
1 = {"no_cut" : "",
2  "true_qe" : "True QE events ",
3  "true_non_qe" : "True non-QE events "}

Definition at line 174 of file

Referenced by makeCalibSystRatioPlots().

string naming_schema.key = "%s_%s_%s"

Definition at line 184 of file

dictionary naming_schema.observables

Definition at line 16 of file

dictionary naming_schema.reco_levels

Definition at line 107 of file

list naming_schema.standard_truth_components = ["", "QE", "Res", "DIS", "Coh", "MEC"]

Definition at line 163 of file

list naming_schema.standard_truth_suffixes = []

Definition at line 164 of file

dictionary naming_schema.true_levels
Initial value:
1 = {"QE" : "QE",
2  "Res" : "Res",
3  "DIS" : "DIS",
4  "Coh" : "Coh",
5  "MEC" : "MEC",
6  "" : "All",
7  "truth_components" : "By component"}

Definition at line 150 of file

dictionary naming_schema.validations = {}

Definition at line 162 of file

string naming_schema.value = "%s %s %s"

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