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class  MakeNCCosRej
class  NCCosRej
class  NCKeras
class  NCNNKeras
class  NCNNKerasVal


bool CompareByCalEnergy (const art::Ptr< rb::Prong > a, const art::Ptr< rb::Prong > b)

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bool ncid::CompareByCalEnergy ( const art::Ptr< rb::Prong a,
const art::Ptr< rb::Prong b 

Definition at line 351 of file

References rb::Cluster::CalorimetricEnergy(), and DEFINE_ART_MODULE().

Referenced by cosrej::MakeNueCosRej::produce(), and ncid::NCNNKeras::TransMomFraction().

353  {
354  return a->CalorimetricEnergy() > b->CalorimetricEnergy();
355  }
double CalorimetricEnergy(EEnergyCalcScheme escheme=kRecomputeEnergy) const
Simple estimate of neutrino energy.
Definition: Cluster.cxx:439