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novadaq::messages::error::dcm Namespace Reference


enum  errCode {
  kOk, kCtrlRegGeneralStatusError, kTimingCmdHistoryBufferError, kFEBLinkStatusError,
  kFEBErrorFlagRegisterError, kNoValidEVBConnections, kBrokenEVBConnection, kInvalidEVBConnection,
  kDataFlowHasStopped, kUnknownError, kNErrors


static const char *const errMsg []

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const char* const novadaq::messages::error::dcm::errMsg[]
Initial value:
= {
"Ctrl Reg General Status Error. This is the catch-all for ANY DCM or FEB error that is not more specifically categorized.",
"Timing Cmd History Buffer Error",
"FEB Link Status Error",
"FEB Error Flag Register Error",
"No Valid EVB Connections",
"Broken EVB Connection",
"Invalid EVB Connection",
"Data Flow Has Stopped",
"Unknown Error",

Definition at line 166 of file Error.h.