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runNovaSAM Namespace Reference


def unCamelCase (s)
def createMetadata (inFile)
def getOutDir (pathname, hashDirs=False)
def checkAndMoveFiles (inFile, declareFiles)
def declareFile (fileWPath)
def copyOutFiles (hashDirs=False)
def getOutputFileName (detector, runNum, subNum, streamEntry, release, subversion, dataFlag, tier, nevt)
def resolveFclPath (fcl)
def make_temp_fcl (fclFile, inFileBase)
def setVMemLimit ()
def makeDirSafely (dir)
def makeDirIfNeeded (dir)
def getOutDir (pathname, dest, hashDirs=False, runDirs=False, runNum=0)
def checkAndMoveFiles (inFile, outputs, noCleanup=False, copyOnly=False)
def declareLogFile (logName, logFile, rootName)
def fileExists (outPath, dh)
def listFiles (outPath, dh)
def makeMetadataJSONs ()
def MakeTransposeJson (TransposeList)
def copyOutFiles (dest, hashDirs=False, runDirs=False, runNum=0, noCleanup=False, declareLocation=False, declareLogs=False)
def makeDeCAF (script, fname, special)


 detectors = dict()
 _lineregex = re.compile(r'\d+: ([^ \t]+)[ \t]+(.+)')
 _skip_pattern = re.compile(r"^.*(hist|RootOutput).*\.root", re.IGNORECASE)
 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Run the nova command using SAM metadata')
 args = parser.parse_args()
 inFile = args.inFile
 samweb = samweb_client.SAMWebClient(experiment='nova')
 inFileBase = os.path.basename(inFile)
 metadata = samweb.getMetadata(inFileBase)
 runNum = int(metadata["runs"][0][0])
 subNum = int(metadata["runs"][0][1])
 run_pattern = re.compile(r"^.*?_r([0-9]+)_s([0-9]+).+")
 run_match = run_pattern.match(inFileBase)
 stream = int(metadata["data_stream"])
string streamEntry = 't{0:02d}'
 stream_pattern = re.compile(r"^.*?_(dd.*?)[_,.].+", re.IGNORECASE)
 stream_match = stream_pattern.match(inFileBase)
 detector = metadata["online.detector"].lower()
 detId = metadata["nova.detectorid"].lower()
 release = os.environ["SRT_BASE_RELEASE"]
 file_type = metadata["file_type"]
string dataFlag = "data"
 subversion = os.environ["NPASS"]
 nevt = None
 fclFile = args.config
 fclPath = resolveFclPath(fclFile)
 tmpFclName = os.path.basename(fclPath).replace(".fcl", "_" + os.path.splitext(inFileBase)[0] + ".fcl")
 fclFileObj = open(tmpFclName, 'a')
list cmdList = ['nova']
list outList = []
 output = outTier.split(":")[0]
 tier = outTier.split(":")[1]
 outName = getOutputFileName(detector, runNum, subNum, streamEntry, release, subversion, dataFlag, tier, nevt)
 cafLabel = cafTier.split(":")[0]
 cafName = getOutputFileName(detector, runNum, subNum, streamEntry, release, subversion, dataFlag, tier, nevt)
string cmd = ' '
 retCode =
 dirList = os.listdir(".")
 skip_match = _skip_pattern.match(file)
 dh = ifdh.ifdh("")
 Do a little bit of trickery with sys.argv to stop ROOT from gobbling it up and killing –help. More...
 Are we streaming the files via xrootd? txtcmd="cat %s | xargs -n1 samweb2xrootd > xrootd_inFile.txt"inFile os.system(txtcmd) with open("xrootd_inFile.txt") as f: for line in f: print line.strip() cmdList.append( line.strip() ) print "" Are we going to copy the files? More...
 If using a txtfiledef make sure to clean up the InputFile List.... More...

Function Documentation

def runNovaSAM.checkAndMoveFiles (   inFile,
Checks all root files in the current directories for zombie or recovered status. Bad files are deleted while good files are moved to the results subdirectory for copy out ease

Definition at line 105 of file

References declareFile().

Referenced by checkAndMoveFiles().

105 def checkAndMoveFiles(inFile, declareFiles):
106  """Checks all root files in the current directories for zombie or recovered status. Bad files are deleted while good files are moved to the results subdirectory for copy out ease"""
107  inFileBase = os.path.basename(inFile)
108  baseDir = "."
109  for root, dirs, filenames in os.walk(baseDir):
110  if root == baseDir:
111  for file in filenames:
112  if file.endswith (".root") and file != inFileBase:
113  fileWPath = os.path.join(root, file)
114  rootFile = ROOT.TFile(fileWPath)
115  if rootFile.IsZombie() or rootFile.TestBit(ROOT.TFile.kRecovered):
116  #do not copy over, just delete
117  print "File", fileWPath, "is Zombie - remove it"
118  os.remove(fileWPath)
119  else:
120  if declareFiles == True:
121  declareFile(fileWPath)
122  newFilePath = os.path.join(root, "results", file)
123  os.renames(fileWPath, newFilePath)
124  rootFile.Close()
125  return
def checkAndMoveFiles(inFile, declareFiles)
def declareFile(fileWPath)
def runNovaSAM.checkAndMoveFiles (   inFile,
  noCleanup = False,
  copyOnly = False 

Definition at line 126 of file

References append(), checkAndMoveFiles(), MetadataUtils.createMetadata(), declareFile(),, and makeDirIfNeeded().

126 def checkAndMoveFiles(inFile, outputs, noCleanup=False, copyOnly=False):
127  makeDirIfNeeded('./results')
128  """Checks all root files in the current directories for zombie or recovered status. Bad files are deleted while good files are moved to the results subdirectory for copy out ease"""
129  inFileBase = os.path.basename(inFile)
130  baseDir = "."
132  print 'Looking for requested outputs: '
133  for o in outputs: print o
135  # If declaring files have to do non-decafs first, since they're the parents
136  # of the decafs. If not, it doesn't hurt to do it in that order anyway.
137  for secondPass in [False, True]:
138  for root, dirs, filenames in os.walk(baseDir):
139  if root == baseDir:
140  for file in filenames:
141  if file.endswith('decaf.root') != secondPass: continue
142  # If file not in outputs, then delete.
143  if (file.endswith (".root") or file.endswith(".h5")) and file != inFileBase:
144  fileWPath = os.path.join(root, file)
145  # If the file isn't in my outputs then delete it.
146  if file not in outputs:
147  if not noCleanup:
148  # Do not copy over, just delete
149  print "File", fileWPath, " is not among requested outputs, removing"
150  os.remove(fileWPath)
151  continue
152  # Now that I know that this file is in my output list, lets check it is valid...
153  # First, if it is a root file.
154  if file.endswith (".root"):
155  print "In checkAndMoveFiles, fileWPath is %s" %fileWPath
156  rootFile = ROOT.TFile(fileWPath)
157  if rootFile.IsZombie() or rootFile.TestBit(ROOT.TFile.kRecovered):
158  #do not copy over, just delete
159  print "File", fileWPath, "is Zombie - remove it"
160  os.remove(fileWPath)
161  else:
162  newFilePath = os.path.join(root, "results", file)
163  print "New file name is %s" %newFilePath
164  if copyOnly:
165  shutil.copyfile(fileWPath, newFilePath)
166  else:
167  os.renames(fileWPath, newFilePath)
168  rootFile.Close()
169  # Next, if it is a h5 file.
170  elif file.endswith(".h5"):
171  # Only import h5py if have h5 files.
172  import h5py
173  print "In checkAndMoveFiles, fileWPath is %s" %fileWPath
174  # If a valid HDF5 files.
175  if h5py.is_hdf5(fileWPath):
176  newFilePath = os.path.join(root, "results", file)
177  print "New file name is %s" %newFilePath
178  if copyOnly:
179  shutil.copyfile(fileWPath, newFilePath)
180  else:
181  os.renames(fileWPath, newFilePath)
183  # If not a valid HDF5 file.
184  else:
185  print "File", fileWPath, "is Zombie - remove it"
186  os.remove(fileWPath)
187  return
189 #def h5MetaHack(inFile):
190 # print "Doing a hack to get HDF5 metadata...Will take CAF metadata and change subtly."
191 # ### Make my client and get my CAF metadata
192 # samweb = samweb_client.SAMWebClient(experiment='nova')
193 # md = MetadataUtils.createMetadata( inFile.replace('.h5caf.h5', '.caf.root') )
194 # ### Change some parameters.
195 # md['file_name'] = inFile
196 # md['data_tier'] = unicode('h5')
197 # md['file_size'] = os.path.getsize( inFile )
198 # return md
def checkAndMoveFiles(inFile, declareFiles)
def makeDirIfNeeded(dir)
def runNovaSAM.copyOutFiles (   hashDirs = False)
Builtin facility to copy out art files (automatically excludes hist files). This adds in a subdirectories with a single hex digit each corresponding to the first three digits in the hash of the output file name. This splits up files into 4096 separate subdirectories, preventing overfull directories. Copy out does not happen if the file already exists in the output

Definition at line 149 of file

References getOutDir().

Referenced by copyOutFiles().

149 def copyOutFiles(hashDirs=False):
150  """Builtin facility to copy out art files (automatically excludes hist files). This adds in a subdirectories with a single hex digit each corresponding to the first three digits in the hash of the output file name. This splits up files into 4096 separate subdirectories, preventing overfull directories. Copy out does not happen if the file already exists in the output"""
151  print "Copying out files"
152  dh = ifdh.ifdh("")
153  baseDir = "./results"
154  for root, dirs, filenames in os.walk(baseDir):
155  if root == baseDir:
156  for file in filenames:
157  if file.endswith (".root") and file != inFileBase:
158  fileWPath = os.path.join(root, file)
159  dest = getOutDir(file, hashDirs)
160  skip_match = _skip_pattern.match(file)
161  if skip_match == None:
162  try:
163  print "Checking if", dest + "/" + file, "exists"
164 + "/" + file, 1, "")
165  except RuntimeError:
166  print "It doesn't - copy", fileWPath, "to", dest
167  dh.cp(["-D", fileWPath, dest])
168  print "Removing", fileWPath
169  os.remove(fileWPath)
170  dh.cleanup()
171  return
def copyOutFiles(hashDirs=False)
def getOutDir(pathname, hashDirs=False)
def runNovaSAM.copyOutFiles (   dest,
  hashDirs = False,
  runDirs = False,
  runNum = 0,
  noCleanup = False,
  declareLocation = False,
  declareLogs = False 
Builtin facility to copy out art files. This adds in a subdirectories with a single hex digit each corresponding to the first three digits in the hash of the output file name. This splits up files into 4096 separate subdirectories, preventing overfull directories. Copy out does not happen if the file already exists in the output

Definition at line 419 of file

References copyOutFiles(), declareFile(), declareLogFile(), fileExists(), getOutDir(), and print.

419 def copyOutFiles(dest, hashDirs=False, runDirs=False, runNum=0, noCleanup=False, declareLocation=False, declareLogs=False):
420  """Builtin facility to copy out art files. This adds in a subdirectories with a single hex digit each corresponding to the first three digits in the hash of the output file name. This splits up files into 4096 separate subdirectories, preventing overfull directories. Copy out does not happen if the file already exists in the output"""
421  dh = ifdh.ifdh("")
422  baseDir = "./results"
423  declareFiles = declareLogs
424  for root, dirs, filenames in os.walk(baseDir):
425  if root == baseDir:
427  # copy out root files before h5 files
428  ordered_files = [s for s in filenames if ".root" in s]
429  for s in filenames:
430  if ".h5" in s:
431  ordered_files.append(s)
433  for file in ordered_files:
434  if (file.endswith (".root") or file.endswith(".h5") ) and file != inFileBase:
435  fileWPath = os.path.join(root, file)
436  outDir = getOutDir(file, dest, hashDirs, runDirs, runNum)
438  skip_match = _skip_pattern.match(file)
439  if skip_match == None:
440  outPath = os.path.join(outDir, file)
442  if fileExists(outPath, dh):
443  print 'copyOutFiles: ', outPath, 'already moved. Skipping'
444  else:
445  # note: this will fail if the file already exists
446  returnValue = dh.cp(["-D", fileWPath, outDir])
447  if returnValue != 0:
448  print >> sys.stderr, "Copy out failed for file:", fileWPath
449  print >> sys.stderr, "Skipping it."
450  else:
451  if declareFiles:
452  declareFile(fileWPath)
453  ###################
454  # Declare the file's location to SAM if we have the declareLocation option on
455  if declareLocation==True :
456  loc = string.replace(outDir, 's3://','s3:/')
457  print "Declaring location %s for file %s\n" % (loc,file)
458  sam = samweb_client.SAMWebClient('nova')
459  ret=sam.addFileLocation(file, loc)
460  if ret.status_code != 200 :
461  print " SAMWEB Unable to declare file location (%s, %s) status code %s" %(file, loc, ret.status_code)
462  if fileWPath.endswith (".root"):
463  jsonPath = fileWPath.replace('.root', '.json')
464  elif fileWPath.endswith (".h5"):
465  jsonPath = fileWPath[:-3] + '.json'
466  if os.path.isfile(jsonPath):
467  if fileExists(os.path.join(outDir, os.path.basename(jsonPath)), dh):
468  print 'copyOutFiles: ', os.path.join(outDir, os.path.basename(jsonPath)), 'already moved. Skipping'
469  else:
470  returnValue = dh.cp(['-D', jsonPath, outDir])
471  if returnValue != 0:
472  print >> sys.stderr, "Copy out failed for file: " + jsonPath
473  print >> sys.stderr, "Skipping it."
474  else:
475  print('JSON not found %s' % jsonPath)
477  for ext in ['.bz2', '']:
478  if os.path.isfile('log.txt'+ext):
479  if file.endswith (".root"):
480  logName = file.replace('.root', '.log'+ext)
481  elif file.endswith (".h5"):
482  logName = file + '.log'+ext
483  if fileExists(os.path.join(outDir,logName), dh):
484  print 'copyOutFiles: ', os.path.join(outDir, logName), 'already moved. Skipping'
485  else:
486  returnValue = dh.cp(['log.txt'+ext, os.path.join(outDir, logName)])
488  if returnValue != 0:
489  print >> sys.stderr, "Copy out failed for file: " + logName
490  print >> sys.stderr, "Skipping it."
492  if declareLogs:
493  declareLogFile(logName, 'log.txt'+ext, file)
495  # Remove the copied-out log so it's not in
496  # the way for new log creation.
497  os.remove('log.txt'+ext)
499  break
501  else:
502  print "It does exist, not copying."
503  if not noCleanup:
504  print "Removing", fileWPath
505  os.remove(fileWPath)
507  if fileWPath.endswith(".root"):
508  jsonPath = fileWPath.replace('.root', '.json')
509  elif fileWPath.endswith(".h5"):
510  jsonPath = fileWPath + ".json"
511  if os.path.isfile(jsonPath):
512  print 'Removing', jsonPath
513  os.remove(jsonPath)
514  return
def copyOutFiles(hashDirs=False)
def getOutDir(pathname, hashDirs=False)
bool print
def fileExists(outPath, dh)
def declareFile(fileWPath)
def declareLogFile(logName, logFile, rootName)
def runNovaSAM.createMetadata (   inFile)

Definition at line 36 of file

References samweb_client.utility.fileEnstoreChecksum(), site_stats_from_log.get, str, and unCamelCase().

Referenced by declareFile().

36 def createMetadata(inFile):
37  filename = os.path.basename(inFile)
38  filesize = os.path.getsize(inFile)
40  try:
41  data = subprocess.check_output(["sam_metadata_dumper", str(inFile)])
42  except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
43  print "sam_metadata_dumper failed!"
44  return None
46  md = {'file_name': filename, 'group': 'nova', 'file_size': filesize, 'file_format': 'root'}
48  # An ad-hoc parser for the output
49  mode = 'new'
50  for line in data.split('\n'):
51  m = _lineregex.match(line)
52  if mode == 'json':
53  if not m and not line.startswith('-'):
54  data += line
55  else:
56  md[key] = json.loads(data)
57  mode = 'new'
59  if mode == 'new':
60  if m:
61  key =
62  value =
64  if '.' not in key:
65  key = unCamelCase(key)
67  # ART does not appear to set the application name
68  # but does provide a process name
69  if key == 'process_name' and md.get('application',[]).get('name') is None:
70  key = 'application_name'
71  elif key == 'stream_name':
72  key = 'data_stream'
74  if key in ('start_date','end_date'):
75  value = long(value)
77  if key == 'runs' or key == 'parents':
78  mode = 'json'
79  data = value
80  elif key.startswith('application_'):
81  # special handling for applications
82  if 'application' not in md:
83  md['application'] = {}
84  md['application'][key[12:]] = value
85  else:
86  md[key] = value
88  md['crc'] = fileEnstoreChecksum(inFile)
90  return md
def unCamelCase(s)
def fileEnstoreChecksum(path)
def createMetadata(inFile)
def runNovaSAM.declareFile (   fileWPath)
Checks file for a TKey of RootFileDB.  If it exists, run sam_metadata_dumper and construct appropriate metadata for the file. Use that metadata to declare the file to SAM

Definition at line 127 of file

References createMetadata().

Referenced by checkAndMoveFiles(), and copyOutFiles().

127 def declareFile(fileWPath):
128  """Checks file for a TKey of RootFileDB. If it exists, run sam_metadata_dumper and construct appropriate metadata for the file. Use that metadata to declare the file to SAM"""
129  samweb = samweb_client.SAMWebClient(experiment='nova')
130  rootFile = ROOT.TFile(fileWPath)
131  if rootFile.FindKey("RootFileDB"):
132  print "Found key (RootFileDB): constructing metadata for", fileWPath
133  md = createMetadata(fileWPath)
134  if (md == None):
135  print "No metadata found!"
136  else:
137  pprint.pprint(md)
138  print ''
139  print "Declaring", fileWPath, "to SAM"
140  try:
141  samweb.declareFile(md)
142  except:
143  print fileWPath, "already exists in SAM"
144  else:
145  print fileWPath, "does not contain RootFileDB, do not try to declare"
146  rootFile.Close()
147  return
def createMetadata(inFile)
def declareFile(fileWPath)
def runNovaSAM.declareLogFile (   logName,

Definition at line 264 of file

Referenced by copyOutFiles().

264 def declareLogFile(logName, logFile, rootName):
265  # This is what NovaFTS/plugins/ does
266  md = {
267  'file_name': os.path.basename(logName),
268  'file_size': os.path.getsize(logFile),
269  'data_tier': 'log',
270  'file_format': 'log',
271  'file_type': 'unknown', # maybe 'nonPhysicsGeneric'?
272  'parents': [{'file_name': os.path.basename(rootName)}]
273  }
274  print "16) declareLogFile(logName, logFile, rootName):"
275  print "Declaring", logName, "to SAM"
276  try:
277  samweb = samweb_client.SAMWebClient(experiment='nova')
278  samweb.declareFile(md)
279  except Exception as inst:
280  print inst
def declareLogFile(logName, logFile, rootName)
def runNovaSAM.fileExists (   outPath,

Definition at line 283 of file

Referenced by copyOutFiles().

283 def fileExists(outPath, dh):
284  try:
285  # Check to see if you can ls the file.
286  # This works in ifdh 1_7_0 and newer
287  # If it exists, returns a tuple with one entry, converts to True
288  # If it doesn't, returns an empty tuple, converts to False
289  return bool(, 1, ""))
290  except (RuntimeError, IOError) as e:
291  # Some versions of ifdh throw an exception when the file was not found
292  # But that means it is not there.
293  return False
def fileExists(outPath, dh)
def runNovaSAM.getOutDir (   pathname,
  hashDirs = False 

Definition at line 92 of file

References exit(), and parse_dependency_file_t.list.

Referenced by copyOutFiles(), and getOutDir().

92 def getOutDir(pathname, hashDirs=False):
93  if "DEST" in os.environ:
94  dest = os.environ["DEST"]
95  else:
96  print "No destination set!"
97  exit(1)
98  dirs = [dest]
99  if hashDirs:
100  head, tail = os.path.split(pathname)
101  hash =
102  dirs += list(hash.hexdigest()[:3])
103  return os.path.join(*dirs)
def getOutDir(pathname, hashDirs=False)
def runNovaSAM.getOutDir (   pathname,
  hashDirs = False,
  runDirs = False,
  runNum = 0 

Definition at line 111 of file

References getOutDir(), parse_dependency_file_t.list, makeDirSafely(), and str.

111 def getOutDir(pathname, dest, hashDirs=False, runDirs=False, runNum=0):
112  dirs = [dest]
113  if hashDirs:
114  head, tail = os.path.split(pathname)
115  hash =
116  dirs += list(hash.hexdigest()[:3])
117  if runDirs:
118  head, tail = os.path.split(pathname)
119  runStr = str(runNum)
120  multiRunDir = runStr[:3].zfill(6)
121  makeDirSafely(os.path.join(dest, multiRunDir))
122  makeDirSafely(os.path.join(dest, multiRunDir, runStr))
123  dirs += [multiRunDir, runStr]
124  return os.path.join(*dirs)
def makeDirSafely(dir)
def getOutDir(pathname, hashDirs=False)
def runNovaSAM.getOutputFileName (   detector,

Definition at line 173 of file

References exit(), and novadaq::HexUtils.format().

173 def getOutputFileName(detector, runNum, subNum, streamEntry, release, subversion, dataFlag, tier, nevt):
174  if dataFlag == "sim":
175  pattern = re.compile(r"^.*?_(.*?)_\d+.*_v\d+_(.*?)(\.|\_)sim\..+")
176  match = pattern.match(inFileBase)
177  if match != None:
178  simLabel = match.groups()[0]
179  uniq = match.groups()[1]
180  outName = '{0}_{1}_{2}_r{3:08d}_s{4:02d}_{5}_v{6}_{7}_{8}.{9}.root'.format(detector, simLabel, nevt, runNum, subNum, release, subversion, uniq, dataFlag, tier)
181  else:
182  print "regex couldn't find the sim label and the uniqueifier"
183  exit(1)
184  else:
185  outName = '{0}_r{1:08d}_s{2:02d}_{3}_{4}_v{5}_{6}.{7}.root'.format(detector, runNum, subNum, streamEntry, release, subversion, dataFlag, tier)
186  return outName
def getOutputFileName(detector, runNum, subNum, streamEntry, release, subversion, dataFlag, tier, nevt)
std::string format(const int32_t &value, const int &ndigits=8)
Definition: HexUtils.cpp:14
def runNovaSAM.listFiles (   outPath,

Definition at line 295 of file

295 def listFiles(outPath, dh):
296  try:
297  return, 1, "")
298  except:
299  return "Exception while trying to ls, OutPath =",outPath
def listFiles(outPath, dh)
def runNovaSAM.make_temp_fcl (   fclFile,

Definition at line 33 of file

References MetadataUtils.addMetadataToFCL(), open(), and resolveFclPath().

33 def make_temp_fcl(fclFile, inFileBase):
34  # make a temporary copy of the fcl file
35  fclPath = resolveFclPath(fclFile)
36  print "Found fcl file here: ", fclPath
37  tmpFclName = os.path.basename(fclPath).replace(".fcl", "_" + os.path.splitext(inFileBase)[0] + ".fcl")
38  print "Creating local copy : ", tmpFclName
39  shutil.copy(fclPath, tmpFclName)
41  # determine if we're using the metadata module
42  # add parameters that describe this job
43  # NOTE:
44  # fhicl-expand (and other FCL tools) don't allow you
45  # to give the absolute path to a FCL. Instead FCLs have to
46  # live in $FHICL_FILE_PATH. $FHICL_FILE_PATH always begins
47  # with './:', i.e., search current dir first.
48  # so just make sure you don't cd() away from this dir
49  # between when the FCL is copied to this dir above and the check below.
50  isRunningMetadataModule=True
51  try:
52  subprocess.check_call("fhicl-expand %s | grep -q ^physics.analyzers.metadata.params." % tmpFclName, shell=True)
53  except subprocess.CalledProcessError:
54  isRunningMetadataModule=False
56  if isRunningMetadataModule:
57  with open(tmpFclName, 'a') as fclFileObj:
58  if not fileMetaDataMgr.isSam4Users():
59  if args.npass != None:
60  MetadataUtils.addMetadataToFCL(fclFileObj, "NOVA.subversion", '"' + fileMetaDataMgr.subversion + '"')
62  if fileMetaDataMgr.dataFlag == "sim" and fileMetaDataMgr.generator in MetadataUtils.neutrinoGenerators:
63  MetadataUtils.addMetadataToFCL(fclFileObj, "NOVA.flux_version", '"' + fileMetaDataMgr.fluxVersion + '"')
65  MetadataUtils.addMetadataToFCL(fclFileObj, "NOVA.skim", '"' + fileMetaDataMgr.skim + '"')
66  MetadataUtils.addMetadataToFCL(fclFileObj, "NOVA.systematic", '"' + fileMetaDataMgr.systematic + '"')
67  MetadataUtils.addMetadataToFCL(fclFileObj, "NOVA.Special", '"' + fileMetaDataMgr.special + '"')
69  return tmpFclName
def resolveFclPath(fcl)
procfile open("FD_BRL_v0.txt")
def addMetadataToFCL(fclFile, parName, parValue)
def make_temp_fcl(fclFile, inFileBase)
def runNovaSAM.makeDeCAF (   script,

Definition at line 516 of file

References novadaq::HexUtils.format(), if(), and resolveFclPath().

516 def makeDeCAF(script, fname, special):
517  trimname = fname[:-5] # cut off .root from end
518  trimidx = trimname.rindex('.')+1 # find last period before .root
519  decaf_tier = trimname[trimidx:-3]+'de'+trimname[-3:] # properly insert 'de'
520  oname = '{0}_{1}.{2}.root'.format(trimname, special, decaf_tier)
521  novaSource = os.getenv("SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT", "undefined")
522  if(novaSource == "undefined"):
523  novaSource = os.getenv("NOVASOFT_DIR", "undefined")
524  if(novaSource == "undefined"):
525"Unable to locate NOvA source code")
526  else:
527  novaSource = os.getenv("NOVASOFT_DIR") + "/source"
529  os.system('cafe -bq '+novaSource+'/CAFAna/'+script+' '+fname+' '+oname+' 2>&1')
530  return oname
std::string format(const int32_t &value, const int &ndigits=8)
Definition: HexUtils.cpp:14
def makeDeCAF(script, fname, special)
def runNovaSAM.makeDirIfNeeded (   dir)

Definition at line 99 of file

Referenced by checkAndMoveFiles(), and makeDirSafely().

99 def makeDirIfNeeded(dir):
100  os.umask(002) # (rw-rw-r--) for files and (rwxrwxr-x) for directories.
101  if not os.path.isdir(dir):
102  print "runNovaSAM is making a directory: ", dir
103  try:
104  os.mkdir(dir)
105  except:
106  print "Couldn't make the directory... some other job perhaps did, or permissions did not allow "
107  if not os.path.isdir(dir):
108  raise Exception("Failed to make directory + " + dir )
cet::coded_exception< errors::ErrorCodes, ExceptionDetail::translate > Exception
Definition: Exception.h:66
def makeDirIfNeeded(dir)
def runNovaSAM.makeDirSafely (   dir)

Definition at line 79 of file

References makeDirIfNeeded().

Referenced by getOutDir().

79 def makeDirSafely(dir):
80  if "/pnfs" != dir[0:5]:
81  makeDirIfNeeded(dir)
82  return
84  print "runNovaSAM is making a directory with IFDH"
85  dh = ifdh.ifdh("")
86  try:
87  print "Checking if directory ", dir, "exists"
88, 1, "")
89  dh.chmod(774,dir,"")
91  except (RuntimeError, IOError) as e:
92  try:
93  print "It doesn't - make directory", dir
94  dh.mkdir(dir)
95  except:
96  print "Tried to make directory and couldn't. Perhaps it already exists?"
def makeDirSafely(dir)
def makeDirIfNeeded(dir)
def runNovaSAM.makeMetadataJSONs ( )
For every ROOT file, try to extract its metadata into a matching .json
file in the same directory

Definition at line 302 of file

References if(), MakeTransposeJson(), open(), and PandAna.Demos.demo1.range.

303  """For every ROOT file, try to extract its metadata into a matching .json
304  file in the same directory"""
305  baseDir = "./results"
306  # If using --txtfiledef, want to pass multiple files at a time to sam_meta_dumper.
307  # This is because it simply takes too long to call it for each indiv file
308  # when there are 800+ outputs. 5 s each -> ~1 hour!
309  TransposeList = ""
310  # Declare the samweb client within this function
311  samweb = samweb_client.SAMWebClient(experiment='nova')
312  # Loop through directories to search for files to make json files for.
313  for root, dirs, filenames in os.walk(baseDir):
314  if root == baseDir:
315  # Push the h5 files to the front of the list so that the CAF files remain
316  # available to hack in the metadata.
317  for ifile in range(len(filenames)):
318  if("h5" in filenames[ifile]):
319  filenames = [filenames[ifile]] + filenames[:ifile] + filenames[ifile+1:]
320  for file in filenames:
321  if (file.endswith (".root") or file.endswith(".h5") ) and file != inFileBase:
322  skip_match = _skip_pattern.match(file)
323  if skip_match == None:
324  # Set some quick and useful variables.
325  olddir = os.getcwd()
326  fileWPath = os.path.join(root, file)
327  # If a transpose file want to make the json subtly differently.
328  if args.txtfiledef and "outplane" in file:
329  # This works for the cellmode of the transposer as well, due to the filename including outplane and cell.
330  print "Adding %s to TransposeList" %file
331  TransposeList += "%s " %file
332  continue
333  # Which extractor am I using?
334  extractor = 'sam_metadata_dumper'
335  if file.endswith('caf.root'):
336  extractor = 'extractCAFMetadata'
337  elif file.endswith('.h5'):
338  extractor = 'extractHDF5Metadata'
339  try:
340  # sam_metadata_dumper doesn't apply basename() to filename.
341  os.chdir(os.path.dirname(fileWPath))
342  meta = subprocess.check_output([extractor, os.path.basename(fileWPath)])
343  if file.endswith (".root"):
345  jsonf = open(file.replace('.root', '.json'), 'w')
346  jsonf.write(meta)
347  jsonf.close()
348  print "Made metadata for %s" %file
349  elif file.endswith(".h5"):
350  print "\nNow to make my json file for my h5...\n"
351  jsonf = open(file.replace('.h5caf.h5', '.h5caf.json'), 'w')
352  jsonf.write(meta)
353  jsonf.close()
354  print "Made metadata for %s" %file
355  else:
356  print "I'm not sure what file extension you have..."
357  except:
358  print "Error extracting metadata from file."
359  finally:
360  os.chdir(olddir)
361  # Make the Transpose json files.
362  # Again same argument, outplane is already in the filenames for cell mode
363  if args.txtfiledef and "outplane" in file:
364  olddir = os.getcwd()
365  os.chdir(baseDir)
366  MakeTransposeJson( TransposeList )
367  os.chdir(olddir)
def makeMetadataJSONs()
def MakeTransposeJson(TransposeList)
procfile open("FD_BRL_v0.txt")
def runNovaSAM.MakeTransposeJson (   TransposeList)
Transpose files need some extra tweaking when making .json files, largely because there are so many of them.
This takes in a list of files, and makes appropriate .json files in the same directory

Definition at line 369 of file

References append(),, open(), PandAna.Demos.demo1.range, and split().

Referenced by makeMetadataJSONs().

369 def MakeTransposeJson( TransposeList ):
370  """Transpose files need some extra tweaking when making .json files, largely because there are so many of them.
371  This takes in a list of files, and makes appropriate .json files in the same directory"""
372  # If using --txtfiledef, I can now pass my file list to sam_meta_dumper.
373  print "Is MakeTransposeJson called without a txt def, if you see this then yes."
374  MetaListFile="AllMetaJson.txt"
375  meta_cmd="sam_metadata_dumper -s " + TransposeList + " > " + MetaListFile
376  os.system(meta_cmd)
377  # Now want to open the file and split by "}," character.
378  MetaFile = open( MetaListFile )
379  MetaLines =" },")
380  # Loop through lines, and appropriately separate out json files.
381  for i in range(0,len( MetaLines ) ):
382  meta=MetaLines[i]
383  # Figure out file name...this is assuming that file name is always the first entry...
384'"(.+?).root"', meta ).group(1)
385  filename=StName+".json" # Effecitvely replacing .root with .json
386  # If transpose file add PlaneNumber and CellNumber if run in cell mode
387  if "cell" in filename:
388  try:
389  plane ='^.*outplane(\d*).', filename).group(1)
390  cell ='^.*cell(\d*).', filename).group(1)
391  print "Plane number:", plane, "Cell number:", cell, ". Is a transpose file"
392  meta = meta.replace('"calibration.base_release"', '"calibration.PlaneNumber": "%s",\n "calibration.CellNumber": "%s",\n "calibration.base_release"')%(plane, cell)
393  except:
394  print "No cell number found - could be a plane mode transpose file"
396  elif "outplane" in filename:
397  try:
398  plane ='^.*outplane(\d*).', filename).group(1)
399  print "Plane number:", plane, ". Is a transpose file"
400  meta = meta.replace('"calibration.base_release"', '"calibration.PlaneNumber": "%s",\n "calibration.base_release"') %plane
401  except:
402  print "Error extracting plane number from transpose file."
404  ### Make sure that the txtfile is in the parent list.
405  meta['parents'].append({u'file_name':unicode(inFile)})
407  # Now open the json file
408  fout=open(filename,'w')
409  # Want to make sure that the json starts with '{'
410  if meta[0] not in "{":
411  meta = meta[:0] + '{\n' + meta[1:]
412  # Want to make sure that the json ends with a double '}'
413  if i < len(MetaLines)-1:
414  meta += "}\n}\n"
415  # Write and close the json file
416  fout.write(meta)
417  fout.close()
void split(double tt, double *fr)
void append()
Definition: append.C:24
def MakeTransposeJson(TransposeList)
procfile open("FD_BRL_v0.txt")
def runNovaSAM.resolveFclPath (   fcl)

Definition at line 188 of file

Referenced by make_temp_fcl(), and makeDeCAF().

188 def resolveFclPath(fcl):
189  # Check if we have an absolute path name, return it if so
190  if fcl[0] == "/":
191  return fcl
193  # Otherwise, we need to do some searching
194  fclPaths = os.environ["FHICL_FILE_PATH"].split(":")
195  for path in fclPaths:
196  if os.path.isfile(path + fcl):
197  return path + fcl
199  # If we haven't found it, we have a problem.
200  raise IOError(sys.argv[0] + ": config file "+ fcl+" not found in FHICL_FILE_PATH")
void split(double tt, double *fr)
def resolveFclPath(fcl)
def runNovaSAM.setVMemLimit ( )

Definition at line 71 of file

72  #memLimit = 3.9*1024**3
73  memLimit = 3.9*1000**3
74  print "Old virtual memory limit:", resource.getrlimit(resource.RLIMIT_AS)
75  print "Limiting the virtual memory of the nova job to 3.9 GB"
76  resource.setrlimit(resource.RLIMIT_AS, (memLimit, memLimit))
77  print "New virtual memory limit:", resource.getrlimit(resource.RLIMIT_AS)
def setVMemLimit()
def runNovaSAM.unCamelCase (   s)
Convert CamelCase to camel_case 

Definition at line 29 of file

Referenced by createMetadata().

29 def unCamelCase(s):
30  """ Convert CamelCase to camel_case """
31  # \B matches an empty string which is NOT at the beginning of a word
32  # so requiring this means no _ will be inserted at the start
33  return re.sub( r'\B([A-Z])', r'_\1', s).lower()
def unCamelCase(s)

Variable Documentation


Definition at line 994 of file


Definition at line 991 of file


Definition at line 995 of file

runNovaSAM._lineregex = re.compile(r'\d+: ([^ \t]+)[ \t]+(.+)')

Definition at line 24 of file


Definition at line 993 of file


Definition at line 992 of file

runNovaSAM._skip_pattern = re.compile(r"^.*(hist|RootOutput).*\.root", re.IGNORECASE)

Definition at line 27 of file


Definition at line 207 of file


Definition at line 856 of file

runNovaSAM.args = parser.parse_args()

Definition at line 215 of file


Definition at line 24 of file


Do a little bit of trickery with sys.argv to stop ROOT from gobbling it up and killing –help.

Definition at line 23 of file

runNovaSAM.cafLabel = cafTier.split(":")[0]

Definition at line 362 of file

Definition at line 366 of file


Definition at line 342 of file

string runNovaSAM.cmd = ' '

Definition at line 383 of file

list runNovaSAM.cmdList = ['nova']

Definition at line 330 of file


Definition at line 862 of file


Definition at line 926 of file

string runNovaSAM.dataFlag = "data"

Definition at line 297 of file


Definition at line 1022 of file


Definition at line 600 of file


Definition at line 551 of file


If using a txtfiledef make sure to clean up the InputFile List....

Definition at line 910 of file

runNovaSAM.detector = metadata["online.detector"].lower()

Definition at line 272 of file

Referenced by ApplyOscillations(), daq2raw::DAQHit2Raw.beginRun(), BestFit(), BuildMetricsTree(), cmf::DataVarVals.DataVars(), DCSPlotMaker(), cmf::MetaData.DetectorString(), novaddt::utils::DetectorUtils.DetectorUtils(), daqchannelmap::NearDetDAQChannelMap.encodeDChan(), daqchannelmap::FarDetDAQChannelMap.encodeDChan(), daqchannelmap::TestBeamDAQChannelMap.encodeDChan(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.encodeDChan(), daqchannelmap::NearDetDAQChannelMap.encodeLChan(), daqchannelmap::FarDetDAQChannelMap.encodeLChan(), daqchannelmap::TestBeamDAQChannelMap.encodeLChan(), meta::Metadata.FillMetadata(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getBlockOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getBlockOrDiblock(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getBlockType(), GetCosmics(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getDCMLinkOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getDCMOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getDiBlockOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getDiBlockType(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getDiBlockType(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getDiBlockTypeOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getFirstDCMInViewOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getLastDCMInViewOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getLocalPlaneInBlockOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getLocalPlaneInBlockOrDiblock(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getLocalPlaneInDiblockOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getLocalPlaneInDiblockViewOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfChannelsInXPlane(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfChannelsInYPlane(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfPlanesBeforeBlock(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfPlanesBeforeDiblock(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfPlanesInBlock(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfPlanesInDiblock(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfXDCM(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getNumberOfYDCM(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getOnlineCellOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getPixelOffline(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapOLD.getPlaneViewOffline(), GetSystsFromFile(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.getTotalNumberOfDiblocks(), GoodRuns(), daqchannelmap::DAQChannelMapBaseOLD.initNumberOfDCMsInDiblockDetector(), nova::dbi::RunHistory.LoadDAQRunHistory(), main(), make_fc_nus_surfs_nersc_2019(), MakeCovarSim(), MakeSurface(), MakeSurfaceJoint(), MakeSurfaceLLTest(), MakeSurfaceNoNDOsc(), NewNearlinePlots(), NuMu2019_BasicPIDPlots_FD(), NuMu2019_BasicPIDPlots_ND(), NuMu2019_BasicPIDPlots_Spectrum(), NuMu2020_BasicPIDPlots_FD(), NuMu2020_BasicPIDPlots_ND(), NuMu2020_BasicPIDPlots_Spectrum(), rawdata::RawBeamlineTrigger.RawBeamlineTrigger(), rawdata::RawBeamlineWC.RawBeamlineWC(), om::HistoTable.ReadFile(), rawdata::RawBeamlineTrigger.SetDetectorID(), rawdata::RawBeamlineWC.SetDetectorID(), ana.TAHadEND(), and rawdata::RawBeamlineWC.~RawBeamlineWC().

runNovaSAM.detectors = dict()
runNovaSAM.detId = metadata["nova.detectorid"].lower()
runNovaSAM.dh = ifdh.ifdh("")
runNovaSAM.dirList = os.listdir(".")

Definition at line 406 of file


Definition at line 667 of file


Definition at line 630 of file


Definition at line 857 of file


Definition at line 600 of file

runNovaSAM.fclFile = args.config

Definition at line 315 of file

runNovaSAM.fclFileObj = open(tmpFclName, 'a')

Definition at line 327 of file

runNovaSAM.fclPath = resolveFclPath(fclFile)

Definition at line 319 of file

runNovaSAM.file_type = metadata["file_type"]

Definition at line 291 of file


Definition at line 648 of file


Definition at line 736 of file


Definition at line 789 of file


Definition at line 794 of file


Definition at line 687 of file


Definition at line 877 of file


Definition at line 804 of file


Definition at line 809 of file


Definition at line 689 of file

Definition at line 205 of file


Definition at line 826 of file


Definition at line 864 of file

runNovaSAM.inFile = args.inFile

Definition at line 217 of file

runNovaSAM.inFileBase = os.path.basename(inFile)

Definition at line 221 of file


Definition at line 959 of file


Definition at line 937 of file


Definition at line 737 of file


Definition at line 888 of file

Referenced by main(), and nl::timing::LogFile.ProcessLog().

dictionary runNovaSAM.metadata = samweb.getMetadata(inFileBase)
runNovaSAM.nevt = None

Definition at line 311 of file


Definition at line 714 of file


Definition at line 751 of file


Definition at line 926 of file


Are we streaming the files via xrootd? txtcmd="cat %s | xargs -n1 samweb2xrootd > xrootd_inFile.txt"inFile os.system(txtcmd) with open("xrootd_inFile.txt") as f: for line in f: print line.strip() cmdList.append( line.strip() ) print "" Are we going to copy the files?

Definition at line 854 of file

Referenced by numusand::NumuSandFxs.getScatt(), cosrej::CosRejFxs.getScatt(), and ndreco::NDRecoFxs.getTrackScatt().


Definition at line 709 of file

list runNovaSAM.outList = []

Definition at line 344 of file


Definition at line 734 of file


Definition at line 709 of file

runNovaSAM.output = outTier.split(":")[0]

Definition at line 348 of file


Definition at line 695 of file


Definition at line 340 of file


Definition at line 720 of file


Definition at line 710 of file


Definition at line 710 of file


Definition at line 721 of file


Definition at line 711 of file


Definition at line 711 of file

runNovaSAM.parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Run the nova command using SAM metadata')

Definition at line 204 of file


Definition at line 652 of file


Definition at line 692 of file

runNovaSAM.release = os.environ["SRT_BASE_RELEASE"]

Definition at line 285 of file

Referenced by AnalyzeSysts(), BestFit(), bin_composition_pie_chart(), CalcRWithSystsNus17(), CompareBinningSchemes(), CompareMissingLeptons(), ConsolidateSystMaker(), containment_optimization_plots(), CopyPred(), CVNCuts(), demo_cut_optimization(), demo_trivial_xsec_analysis(), draw_michel_plots(), DrawContours(), DrawCovMx(), DrawLLComparisonContours(), drawPlot(), drawSensitivity(), drawSystsShiftingNDdata(), drawSystsShiftingNDdata_updatedAna(), example_plot(), fake_future_data(), FCContour(), FCCorrectSlice(), fd_plot(), fill_col(), FillHists(), GeniePredictionToRoot(), get_univ_chisq(), GetBiases(), getContProf(), getContProf_Sensitivity(), getHists_FNEX(), GetMatrices(), GetMockData(), GetNueCosmics2017(), GetNueCosmics2018(), GetNueCosmics2019(), ana.GetNueCosmics2020(), GetNueCosmicsFuture(), GetNueData2017(), GetNueData2018(), GetNueData2019(), ana.GetNueData2020(), GetNuePrediction2017(), GetNuePrediction2018(), GetNuePrediction2019(), ana.GetNuePrediction2020(), GetNuePredictionFuture(), ana.GetNumuData2020(), GetNumuPredictionsFuture(), getSensitivity(), GetSurf(), GetSystsFromFile(), getTimePeakPlots(), LoadCovMx(), LoadData(), LoadExtrapPrediction(), ana::CountingExperiment.LoadFrom(), ana::TrivialBkgdEstimator.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionSterile.LoadFrom(), ana::FDPredictionSterile.LoadFrom(), ana::FluxReweight.LoadFrom(), ana::NDPredictionSterile.LoadFrom(), ana::SingleNucAnalysis.LoadFrom(), ana::FitInAnaBinsBkgdEstimator.LoadFrom(), ana::NumuCC2p2hAnalysis.LoadFrom(), ana::NumuCC2p2hBkgdEstimator.LoadFrom(), ana::nueccinc::NueCCIncMRECorrection.LoadFrom(), ana::MultiExperiment.LoadFrom(), ana::SingleSampleExperiment.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionCombinePeriods.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionAddRock.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionExtendToPeripheral.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionScaleComp.LoadFrom(), ana::CutOptimization.LoadFrom(), ana::TrivialCrossSectionAnalysis.LoadFrom(), ana::CrossSectionAnalysis.LoadFrom(), ana::Multiverse.LoadFrom(), ana::SpectrumComponents.LoadFrom(), ana::NumuCCIncAnalysis.LoadFrom(), ana::nueccinc::NueCCIncCrossSectionAnalysis.LoadFrom(), ana::ModularExtrapSterile.LoadFrom(), ana::MichelDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::TruthReweight.LoadFrom(), ana::DataMCPair.LoadFrom(), ana::RecoReweight.LoadFrom(), ana::SystMaker.LoadFrom(), ana::nueccinc::NueCCIncEnhancedSamples.LoadFrom(), ana::SystematicsMaker.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionInterp.LoadFromBody(), LoadMaps(), ana.LoadMaps(), LoadPPFX(), LoadPrediction(), ana.LoadSystsFromFile(), Make2DPlot(), make_extrap_figure(), make_extrap_figure_hists(), make_fc_nus_surfs_nersc_2019(), make_files_for_decomp_plots(), make_muonid_opt(), make_nominal_xs(), Make_NuMuCC_Inc_XS(), make_nus17_fc_surfs(), make_nus_fc_surfs(), make_starplots(), make_surfprof(), make_vertex_optimiz(), make_xs(), make_xs_1D(), makeEnergyEstimator(), makeFlatWeight(), MakeISysts(), makeMatrixElementSurface(), MakeNumuCovMx(), MakePeriCutPlot(), MakePlot(), MakePlots(), MakeSurface(), MakeSurfaceBinningStudy(), MakeSurfaceLLTest(), MakeSurfaceNoNDOsc(), MakeSystsPDF(), MakeTable(), mec_nux_tester_2020(), mec_tuning_fitter_2020(), mrbrem_get_reweighted_spectra(), mrbrem_plots(), mre_blessed(), mre_comp_split(), muonid_optimization_plots(), nue_decomp_scales_for_make_decomp(), nuebar_signif(), NumuExtrap(), PeripheralCuts(), plot_3NDvsFD(), plot_3NDvsFD_FHC(), plot_3NDvsFD_RHC(), plot_BEN(), plot_contprof(), plot_datamc_ND_numu(), plot_datamc_ND_numu_REW(), plot_datamcpred(), plot_datapredictions(), plot_joint_fit_2020_contours(), plot_nd_data_mc(), plot_ND_numu_NOMvsREW(), plot_NDvsFD_REW(), plot_NDvsFD_weights(), plot_NDvsFD_weights_FHC(), plot_NDvsFD_weights_RHC(), plot_nuCrystalBall(), plot_nue_filesyst_pred(), plot_nue_xsec_pred(), plot_nueFD_Signal_REWvsNOM_FHC(), plot_nueFD_Signal_REWvsNOM_pTExtrap_FHC(), plot_nueFD_Signal_REWvsNOM_pTExtrap_RHC(), plot_nueFD_Signal_REWvsNOM_RHC(), plot_nuTree(), plot_pi0_xcheck(), plot_pid(), plot_predictions(), plot_rationoosc(), plot_resolution(), plot_shifts(), plot_syst_contours(), plot_time(), plot_uncertainty(), plotContProf(), plotDataPred(), plotDataPred_SplitCanvas(), PlotNus17PredSystsData(), PlotNus18Sideband(), PlotNusSensAna01(), PlotPionPlots(), plots(), Plotting_DataAndPrediction(), pred_err(), PredictCosmic(), ana::PredictionExtrapSum.PredictionExtrapSum(), ana::PredictionSyst3Flavor2020.PredictionSyst3Flavor2020(), ana::PredictionSystJoint2018.PredictionSystJoint2018(), ana::PredictionSystJointDemo.PredictionSystJointDemo(), ana::PredictionSystNue2017.PredictionSystNue2017(), ana::PredictionSystNumu2017.PredictionSystNumu2017(), preselection_cutflow(), print_tables(), saveContours_addExpt(), saveContours_complete(), saveContours_oscpar(), saveContours_simple(), saveContours_systs(), selection_story_plots(), SetBestFitParams(), SetCosmic(), SetPrediction(), signal_count(), starPlot(), syst_plot_test(), syst_table_fit(), syst_table_fit_new(), test_nue2017Prediction(), test_nue2018_fitter(), test_prediction_interp(), TestPred(), ana::Bayesian1DMarginal.ToTH1(), Toy_analyses(), UnfoldInOut(), and xsec_extrap_plots().


Definition at line 866 of file

Referenced by ana::OscillatableSpectrum._Oscillated(), ana::PredictionExtrap._PredictComponent(), ana::PredictionExtrapSum._PredictComponent(), ana::PredictionExtendToPeripheral._PredictComponent(), ana::PredictionAddRock._PredictComponentSyst(), ana::PredictionInterp._PredictComponentSyst(), ana::CutOptimization.AbsUncertainty(), ana::CutOptimization.AbsUncertaintySquared(), ana::Seed.ActiveFitVars(), ana::SeedList.ActiveFitVars(), ana::SystShifts.ActiveSysts(), ana.AddErrorInQuadrature(), AddHistograms(), ana.AddToSummaryV(), ana::Hist.Adopt(), ana::Hist.AdoptSparse(), ana::Hist.AdoptStan(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToConfigEnd(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToConfigStart_file(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToConfigStart_mem(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToFirstEvent_file(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToFirstEvent_mem(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToNextEvent_file(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToNextEvent_mem(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToPreviousEvent_mem(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToRunHeader_file(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToRunHeader_mem(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToRunTail_file(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.AdvanceToRunTail_mem(), dt::Chain.AllChunks(), dt::Chain.AllHits(), ana.AnaTypeToString(), dt::Chain.AsChunkMap(), ana::Spectrum.AsimovData(), ana::TrivialBkgdEstimator.Background(), calib::BetheBlochTables.BetheBlochTables(), stan::services::optimize.bfgs(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.BuildEventIndex_file(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.BuildEventIndex_mem(), mcmc.BuildExperiments(), ana::StanFitter.BuildInitContext(), ana::GenericSystematicDef< SRType >.BuildSpectrumDown(), ana::GenericSystematicDef< SRType >.BuildSpectrumUp(), caldp::AttenProfilesMap.Channels(), ana::WildcardSource.CheckedWildcard(), ana::SolarConstraints.ChiSq(), ana::MultiExperiment.ChiSq(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.close(), stan::math.columns_dot_product(), stan::math.columns_dot_self(), CombineHistograms(), ana::PredictionExtrapSum.ComponentCC(), ana::PredictionExtrapSum.ComponentNC(), ana::PredictionExtrapSum.ComponentNCAnti(), ana::PredictionExtrapSum.ComponentNCTotal(), ana::ThreadPool::TaskQueue.consume(), convert(), convert_mcnp_txt_to_root(), ConvertNormalBasis(), osc::OscCalcGeneral.Copy(), osc::_OscCalcPMNSOpt< T >.Copy(), osc::OscCalcPMNSOptEigen.Copy(), ana::Multiverse.CopyAndTransform(), gibuu::GiBUURegen.CopyGenieEvent(), ana.CopyUpDownSpectrum(), dt::ViewMerger.CountUnexplainedOnLine(), ana.DataMCComparison(), ana.DataMCComparisonAreaNormalized(), ana.DataMCComparisonComponents(), novarwgt.DecodeGeneratorVersion(), caf.DecodeGeneratorVersion(), DecorrelateFD(), DecorrelateND(), ana.DefaultOscCalc(), ana.DefaultOscCalcIH(), ana.DefaultSterileCalc(), stan::math.dot_product(), lem::Potential.Downsampled(), lem::MatchableEvent.Downsampled(), ana::CovMxSurface.DrawContours(), ana.DrawQuantLabel(), ana::Prod4LoadersBase.ECAFTypeFlatToTier(), ana::Prod5LoadersBase.ECAFTypeFlatToTier(), ana.EigenMatrixXdFromTMatrixD(), novarwgt.EncodeGeneratorVersion(), EnergyBin(), ErrorBand(), ErrorsToHist(), tf::HoughScore.Eval(), NovaMCEmptyEvent.eventTimestamp(), rb::Cluster.Exclude(), gibuu::GiBUURegen.ExpandLibraryPath(), ana::IFitter.ExpandSeeds(), mcmc.ExptPtrs(), ana.factorial(), dt::ViewMerger.FakeThirdDimension(), FillPCAContainers(), caf.FillProngVars(), calib::ThroughgoingSelection.filter(), calib::RockMuonStopperSelection.filter(), calib::StopperSelection.filter(), novaddt::MoonShadow.filter(), EliminateBeamSpills.filter(), hough::LiteTH2.FindBinX(), hv::LiteTH2.FindBinX(), hough::LiteTH2.FindBinY(), hv::LiteTH2.FindBinY(), ana.FindCurveCrossings(), geo::GeometryBase.FindGDMLFile(), caf::CAFMaker.FindManyPStrict(), lem.FindMatches(), ana.FindPackageDir(), trk::KalmanTrackAna.FindVisibleProngs(), cheat::RecoCheckAna.FindVisibleProngs(), fuzz::FuzzyKValidate.FindVisibleProngs3D(), fuzz::FuzzyKVertex.FindVisibleProngs3D(), calib::AttenFit.FitQuality(), calib::AttenuationFit.FitQuality(), ana::PredictionInterp.FitRatios(), lem::MatchableEvent.Flipped(), ana::covmx::CovarianceMatrix.ForcePosDef(), ana::Progress.FormatTime(), nuesand::FillNueSandbox.FracModalHits(), ana::Hist.FromDirectory(), lem::dec::Forest.FromFile(), ana::SpectrumLoader.FromSAMProject(), lem::PIDExtraVars.FromString(), lem::PIDDetails.FromString(), ana::FCBin.FromTree(), lem::EventSummary.FromTree(), GenerateFutureData(), caf.GenieReweightTable(), ana2019::fakedata.Get2019Prediction(), ana.get3FlavorAna2020AllCPTSysts(), ana.get3FlavorAna2020AllSysts(), ana.get3FlavorAna2020LargeXsecSysts(), ana.getAllAna2017Systs(), ana.getAllAna2018Systs(), ana.getAllCPTSysts(), caldp::AttenHistsMap.GetAllHistsByPlane(), ana.getAllNumuProd4FDHistDef(), ana.getAllNumuProd4NDHistDef(), ana.getAllNumuProd5FDHistDef(), ana.getAllNumuProd5FDMultiHistDef(), ana.getAllNumuProd5FDNuTruthHistDef(), ana.getAllNumuProd5NDHistDef(), ana.getAllNumuProd5NDMultiHistDef(), ana.getAllNumuProd5NDNuTruthHistDef(), ana.getAllNusAna01FDHistDefs(), ana.getAllNusAna01NDHistDefs(), caldp::AttenProfilesMap.GetAllProfilesByPlaneAndCell(), GetAllSamples(), ana::CutOptimization.GetAllSystDefs(), ana.getAllXsecNuTruthSysts_2017(), ana.getAna2017LargeXsecSysts(), ana.getAna2018LargeXsecSysts(), ana.getAna2018NueOnly(), ana.getAna2018NumuOnly(), ana.getAna2020NueOnly(), ana.getAna2020NumuOnly(), cosrej::CosRejFxs.getAngle(), numusand::NumuSandFxs.getAngle(), GetBG(), ana.GetBG(), GetBiasErrorLine(), ana::covmx::CovarianceMatrix.GetBinnings(), ana.GetCAFMetadata(), ana::covmx.GetComponents(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.getConfigBlock(), GetConstraints(), ana::CovMxSurface.GetContours(), GetCorrelations(), ana.GetCorrelations(), GetCosmics(), ana::covmx::CovarianceMatrix.GetCovMxRelative(), evd::GeometryDrawer.GetDCMBoxes(), calib::IBetheBloch.GetdEdxGraph(), calib::EnergyLossVsDistance.GetEnergyLossGraph(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.getEvent(), gibuu::GiBUURegen.GetEvent(), ana::LikelihoodCovMxExperiment.GetExpectedSpectrum(), GetExtrapolationDefs(), GetFakeData(), ana.GetFDMCComponents(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.getFirstEvent(), GetFNRatio(), GetGaussianProfile(), GetGaussianSurface(), geo::CellGeo.GetGeoMatrix(), ana::ISurface.GetGraphs(), GetHist(), GetJointFitSystematicList(), ana.GetJointFitSystematicList(), ana.GetKeySystNames(), ana.GetKeySysts(), GetMatrices(), GetMockData(), calib::IBetheBloch.GetMPVGraph(), ana::covmx::CovarianceMatrix.GetNBins(), GetNC(), ana.GetNC(), GetNCFDSamples(), GetNCNDSamples(), ana::covmx::CovarianceMatrix.GetNComponents(), GetNCSamples(), ana.GetNDComponents(), ana.GetNDCompsFromDecomp(), ana.GetNDDecompsFromDecomp(), ana.GetNDMCComponents(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.getNextEvent(), ana.getNue2018PredFile(), ana.getNue2018PredVar(), GetNueNDComponents(), GetNueNDComponentsMC(), GetNuePredPath(), ana.getNumu2018PredFile(), ana.getNumu2018PredVar(), GetNumuFDSamples(), GetNumuNDSamples(), GetNumuSamples(), GetNus18Binning(), GetNus18Constraints(), GetNus18FitVars(), GetNus18SeedValues(), ana.getNusAna2020AllSysts(), getPadHists(), osc::OscCalcSterileBeam.GetParamsHash(), osc::OscCalcSterile.GetParamsHash(), osc::_NoOscillations< T >.GetParamsHash(), osc::_OscCalcDMP< T >.GetParamsHash(), osc::OscCalcPMNSOptEigen.GetParamsHash(), osc::OscCalcCPT.GetParamsHash(), osc::_IOscCalcAdjustable< T >.GetParamsHashDefault(), osc::OscCalcPMNS_CPT.GetParamsHashDefaultBar(), GetPlotOptions(), GetPOTCombination(), GetPOTComboTitle(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.getPreviousEvent(), ana::T2KToyExperiment.GetReweightedSignal(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.getRunHeader(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.getRunTail(), GetSampleFromOptString(), GetSamplesFromOptString(), SystGroupHelper.GetShifts(), GetShifts2017(), ana.GetShifts2018(), ana.GetShifts2020(), ana.GetSpectrum(), GetSystConcats(), GetSystematics2017(), ana.GetSystematics2018(), ana.GetSystematics2020(), GetSystGroup(), ana::covmx::Sample.GetSystShifts(), calib::EnergyLossVsDistance.GetTF1(), GetTotFNRatio(), nuesand::FillNueSandbox.GetTrackAngle(), ana::FitDelta13InPiUnitsSterile.GetValue(), ana::FitDelta14InPiUnitsSterile.GetValue(), lem::LEMWorker.GetWork(), rawfileparser::RawFileParser.GotoEvent_file(), HistNumuOpt(), dt::Chunk.HitsOnLine(), cheat::BackTracker.HitsToParticle(), cheat::BackTracker.HitToFLSHit(), tf::TimingFitAlg.HoughFitPts(), ImportDataGraph(), InitCutDefs(), InitHistDefs(), stan::optimization::BFGSMinimizer< ModelAdaptor< M >, QNUpdateType, Scalar, DimAtCompile >.initialize(), InitSpectra(), geo::LiveGeometry.InMuonCatcher(), ana.InputPath(), util.ipow(), ana.JoinGraphs(), JointGraphs(), ana.kKalmanMinMax_byPdg(), ana.kMinPngNhit(), ana.kProngContainment_coord(), ana::SystShifts.LatexName(), stan::services::optimize.lbfgs(), load(), load_libs_muonid(), load_libs_nuebarccinc(), load_libs_nueccinc(), load_libs_numubarccpi0(), load_libs_numucc2p2h(), load_libs_numucc_0Pi(), load_libs_numuccinc(), LoadCosmic(), mcmc.LoadFakeData(), LoadFakeData(), ana.LoadFileList(), ana::PredictionXSecTuning.LoadFrom(), ana::CountingExperiment.LoadFrom(), ana::SolarConstraints.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionNoOsc.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionSterile.LoadFrom(), ana::CheatDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::ModularExtrap.LoadFrom(), ana::FluxReweight.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionExtrap.LoadFrom(), ana::Binning.LoadFrom(), ana::CovMxManager.LoadFrom(), ana::NCDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::NDExtrapBeamComponent.LoadFrom(), ana::CovMxSurface.LoadFrom(), ana::NueDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::SingleSampleExperiment.LoadFrom(), ana::NDExtrapComponent.LoadFrom(), ana::NumuDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionSystJoint2018.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionSystJointDemo.LoadFrom(), ana::NDOscillatableSpectrum.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionNoExtrap.LoadFrom(), ana::FDExtrap.LoadFrom(), ana::NDExtrap.LoadFrom(), ana::ProportionalDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::TrivialExtrap.LoadFrom(), ana::FakeDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::ReweightableSpectrum.LoadFrom(), ana::TrivialCrossSectionAnalysis.LoadFrom(), ana::Multiverse.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionInterp.LoadFrom(), ana::TwoSampleDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::SystShifts.LoadFrom(), ana::SpectrumComponents.LoadFrom(), ana::covmx::CovarianceMatrix.LoadFrom(), ana::OscillatableSpectrum.LoadFrom(), ana::FluxDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::ModularExtrapSterile.LoadFrom(), ana::MichelDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::BENDecomp.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionSystNue2017.LoadFrom(), ana::PredictionSystNumu2017.LoadFrom(), ana::TruthReweight.LoadFrom(), ana::DataMCPair.LoadFrom(), ana::RecoReweight.LoadFrom(), ana::Spectrum.LoadFrom(), ana.LoadFrom< osc::IOscCalcAdjustable >(), ana::FCCollection.LoadFromFile(), ana::FCSurface.LoadFromFile(), genie::GSimFiles.LoadFromFile(), ana::FrequentistSurface.LoadFromMulti(), genie::XSecSplineList.LoadFromXml(), LoadPrediction(), ana.LoadPredictions(), ana.LoadRealData(), mcmc.LoadSystsCreateDummyMECSysts(), ana::SAMQuerySource.LocateSAMFiles(), ana::MultiExperiment.LogLikelihood(), ana::GaussianPriorSystShifts.LogPrior(), ana::BoundedGaussianPriorSystShifts.LogPrior(), calib::AttenFit.lowessFit(), calib::AttenuationFit.lowessFit(), ana::GradientDescent.Magnitude(), MakeAverageTrueEnergySurface(), dt::View.MakeChunkCombos(), ana.MakeCosOutOfTimeList(), MakeCutFlowSpectra(), MakeDataReleaseFileContour(), MakeDataReleaseFileSlice(), MakeKin2DSpectra(), MakeKinSpectra(), MakeName(), ana.MakeNumiUnblindList(), MakeRatio(), MakeRatios(), MakeSample(), MakeSpectra(), MakeTitle(), ana.MakeUnblindList(), MakeUnblindList(), hough::MultiHough2P.MapToTH2F(), dt::ViewMerger.MatchVerticals(), osc.MatrixExp(), caldp::TCTrack.MaxCell(), rb::Cluster.MaxCell(), nuesand::FillNueSandbox.MaxHits(), caldp::TCTrack.MaxPath(), caldp::TCTrack.MaxPlane(), rb::Cluster.MaxPlane(), caldp::TCTrack.MaxTNS(), rb::Cluster.MaxTNS(), lem::Match.MaybeFlip(), dt::Cand.MaybeFlip(), cheat::BackTracker.MCTruthToParticles(), calib::AttenFit.MeanProfile(), calib::AttenuationFit.MeanProfile(), ana::ResolutionScan.MeanScan(), rb::Cluster.MeanTNS(), calib::AttenFit.MedianProfile(), calib::AttenuationFit.MedianProfile(), caldp::TCTrack.MinCell(), rb::Cluster.MinCell(), caldp::TCTrack.MinPath(), caldp::TCTrack.MinPlane(), rb::Cluster.MinPlane(), caldp::TCTrack.MinTNS(), rb::Cluster.MinTNS(), lem.MMapFileAtAddress(), ana::Spectrum.MockData(), MostConservative(), MyDefaultOscCalc(), dt::Cand.NHitPlanes(), dt::Chain.NHitPlanes(), ana::RecordMultiSink.NSinks(), rb::Cluster.OfflineChans(), ana::Ratio.operator*(), ana::Multiverse.operator*(), ana::Spectrum.operator*(), ana::ReweightableSpectrum.operator+(), ana::OscillatableSpectrum.operator+(), ana::Spectrum.operator+(), ana::ReweightableSpectrum.operator-(), ana::OscillatableSpectrum.operator-(), ana::Spectrum.operator-(), ana::Ratio.operator/(), ana::Multiverse.operator/(), ana::Spectrum.operator/(), ana::_preview::_RecordSource< T >.operator[](), osc::_IOscCalc< T >.P(), lem::FindMatchesAlg.PackageMatches(), PackMatrix(), PaintReachCanvas(), parse_as_vector(), ParseOption(), ParseOptions(), ana::SystShifts.Penalty(), PIDFileTag(), PIDLongName(), plot_ratios(), ana::NumuCCIncAnalysis.PlotHelper(), PlotMCComponentsErrorBand(), dt::DiscreteTracker.PossibleNextSegs(), ana::FDPredictionSterile.Predict(), ana::NDPredictionSterile.Predict(), ana::covmx::CovarianceMatrix.Predict(), ana::PredictionScaleComp.Predict(), ana::NDPredictionNoOsc.Predict(), ana::PredictionSterile.PredictComponent(), ana::FDPredictionSterile.PredictComponent(), ana::NDPredictionSterile.PredictComponent(), ana::PredictionNoOsc.PredictComponent(), ana::NDPredictionNoOsc.PredictComponent(), PredictCosmic(), ana::PredictionInterp.PredictionInterp(), Print(), ana.Profile(), ProfileAxes(), calib::BetheBlochFit.ProfileMPV(), lem::dec::Cut.Prune(), caf.PtrVecToVec(), cheat::BackTracker.PtrVecToVecRawPtr(), stan::math.quad_form_sym(), ana::MCMCSamples.QuantileLL(), lem::dec::Forest.RandomOrthoMatrix(), RebinToShortAxis(), dt::DiscreteTracker.RecoDiscrete(), ana.RefineSeeds(), RemoveBins(), ana.RemoveBins(), ana.replaceAll(), ana::ResolutionScan.RMSScan(), ana::PredictionAddRock.RockComponent(), stan::math.rows_dot_product(), stan::math.rows_dot_self(), ana::T2KToyExperiment.SetPOTAnti(), ana::FitSinSq2Theta13.SetValue(), ana::SummedSyst.Shift(), ShiftedCosmics(), ana::SystShifts.ShortName(), ana::Registry< T >.ShortNameToPtr(), murem::MuonRemove.SliceSelection(), ana.sort_chisq_tot(), SortSystHists(), SplitHistograms(), ana.SqrtProfile(), ana.SqrtSlice(), caf.StripSubscripts(), flat::Flat< std::vector< T > >.SubLengthName(), flat::Flat< T[N]>.SubLengthName(), stan::math::LDLT_factor< var, R, C >.success(), mcmc.SupportedSysts(), ana.systsQ3Q0(), TEST(), slid::DedxDistribution.TH1DToTH1F(), TH1ToTH2(), calib::ThresholdCorrMap.ThresholdCorrAt(), ana.TMatrixDFromEigenMatrixXd(), stan::math.to_fvar(), dt::Chain.ToDebugTracks(), ana.ToEigen(), ana.ToEigenSterile(), ana::CutOptimization.ToHist(), ana::BayesianMarginal.ToHistogram(), ana::Multiverse.ToSpectrum(), lem::PIDExtraVars.ToString(), ValidCalibPDF.ToString(), rb::Cluster.TotalADC(), caldp::LiteProfile.TotalEntries(), rb::Cluster.TotalGeV(), caldp::LiteProfile.TotalHits(), rb::Prong.TotalLength(), rb::Cluster.TotalPE(), rb::Cluster.TotalWeight(), ana::NDOscCurve.ToTH1(), ana::OscCurve.ToTH1(), ana::Ratio.ToTH1(), ana::Hist.ToTH1(), ana::Spectrum.ToTH1(), ana::Ratio.ToTH2(), ana::ReweightableSpectrum.ToTH2(), ana::ISurface.ToTH2(), ana::Spectrum.ToTH2(), hough::LiteTH2.ToTH2F(), hv::LiteTH2.ToTH2F(), ana.ToTH2Helper(), ana::Spectrum.ToTH3(), ana.ToTH3Helper(), ana.ToTHStack(), ana::MCMCSample.ToTMap(), dt::Cand.ToTrack(), ana.ToUpDownHist(), ana::CutOptimization.ToUpDownHist(), ana::MCMCSamples.Trace(), murem::TrackCleanUpAlg.TrackEinMIP(), lem::dec::Forest.Train(), lem::dec.TransformEvent(), calib::AttenCache.TranslateChannelMC(), ncid::MakeNCCosRej.TransMomFraction(), ncid::NCNNKeras.TransMomFraction(), cosrej::MakeNueCosRej.TransMomFraction(), calib::AttenFit.TruncatedMeanProfile(), calib::AttenuationFit.TruncatedMeanProfile(), ana::UnfoldSVD.Truth(), ana::UnfoldTikhonov.Truth(), UnpackMatrix(), cheat::BackTracker.VecPtrToVecRawPtr(), cheat::BackTracker.VecToVecRawPtr(), ana::Nus17SystFromHist.WeightFor(), ana::NusSystFromHist.WeightFor(), ana::NuISyst.WeightFor(), ana::Nus18SystFromHist.WeightFor(), ana::SpectrumLoaderBase.WildcardOrSAMQuery(), stan::optimization.WolfeLineSearch(), ana::Hist.Zero(), ana::Hist.ZeroSparse(), dt::ViewMerger.ZipVerticalTracks(), rb::Track.ZipWith(), ana::ProfilerSupport.~ProfilerSupport(), and calib::ThresholdCorrMap.~ThresholdCorrMap().

runNovaSAM.retCode =
runNovaSAM.run_match = run_pattern.match(inFileBase)

Definition at line 238 of file

runNovaSAM.run_pattern = re.compile(r"^.*?_r([0-9]+)_s([0-9]+).+")

Definition at line 237 of file

runNovaSAM.runNum = int(metadata["runs"][0][0])

Definition at line 234 of file

Referenced by calib::Calibrator.postBeginRun().

runNovaSAM.samweb = samweb_client.SAMWebClient(experiment='nova')

Definition at line 219 of file

runNovaSAM.skip_match = _skip_pattern.match(file)

Definition at line 408 of file


Definition at line 888 of file


Definition at line 888 of file


Definition at line 207 of file

Referenced by createMetadata(), and getOutDir(). = int(metadata["data_stream"])

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Referenced by genie::Algorithm.AllowReconfig(), genie::RSHelicityAmpl.Amp20Plus(), genie::ProcessInfo.AsString(), ClassImp(), genie::geometry::FidPolyhedron.clear(), nova::database::Row.Col(), genie::GVldContext.Emax(), genie::RunOpt.EnableBareXSecPreCalc(), novaddt::HitSubtract.endJob(), Expression.Eval(), genie::geometry::FidCylinder.FidCylinder(), genie::geometry::FidSphere.FidSphere(), genie::Spline.GetAsTSpline(), nutools::dbi::Table.GetConnectionTimeout(), rvp::RecVarPID.getMethodNameFromXML(), xnue::XnuePID.getMethodNameFromXML(), rvp::RecVarPID.getVarNamesFromXML(), xnue::XnuePID.getVarNamesFromXML(), genie::PDF.Gluon(), genie::Kinematics.HadSystP4(), genie::Target.HitNucP4(), genie::geometry::PathSegment.IsTrimmedEmpty(), genie::geometry::PlaneParam.IsValid(), genie::AlgId.Key(), genie::AxialFormFactor.Model(), genie::ELFormFactors.Model(), genie::QELFormFactors.Model(), genie::DISStructureFunc.Model(), genie::CacheBranchNtp.Ntuple(), genie::TuneId.OnlyConfiguration(), genie::geometry.operator<(), genie::utils.operator<<(), genie::exceptions.operator<<(), genie::geometry.operator<<(), operator<<(), genie.operator<<(), nova::database.operator<<(), nutools::dbi.operator<<(), nova::dbi.operator<<(), genie::flux.operator<<(), genie::Interaction.PhaseSpacePtr(), genie::exceptions::EVGThreadException.ReturnStep(), genie::GHepParticle.SetLastDaughter(), genie::RegistryItem< T >.SetLocal(), genie::XclsTag.SetNNeutrons(), nutools::dbi::Row.SetVldTimeEnd(), nova::dbi::Row.SetVldTimeEnd(), genie::exceptions::INukeException.ShowReason(), genie::exceptions::NievesQELException.ShowReason(), genie::CacheBranchFx.Spl(), genie::InitialState.TgtPtr(), nova::database::Column.Update(), nutools::dbi::Column.Update(), nova::dbi::Column.Update(), genie::GHepRecord.Vertex(), genie::GEVGDriver.XSecSumSpline(), genie::geometry::FidShape.~FidShape(), genie::flux::GJPARCNuFluxPassThroughInfo.~GJPARCNuFluxPassThroughInfo(), genie::flux::GNuMIFluxPassThroughInfo.~GNuMIFluxPassThroughInfo(), genie::flux::GSimpleNtpAux.~GSimpleNtpAux(), genie::flux::GSimpleNtpEntry.~GSimpleNtpEntry(), genie::flux::GSimpleNtpNuMI.~GSimpleNtpNuMI(), genie::exceptions::InteractionException.~InteractionException(), and genie::utils::T2KEvGenMetaData.~T2KEvGenMetaData().

runNovaSAM.stream_match = stream_pattern.match(inFileBase)

Definition at line 263 of file

runNovaSAM.stream_pattern = re.compile(r"^.*?_(dd.*?)[_,.].+", re.IGNORECASE)

Definition at line 262 of file

string runNovaSAM.streamEntry = 't{0:02d}'

Definition at line 252 of file

runNovaSAM.subNum = int(metadata["runs"][0][1])

Definition at line 235 of file

int runNovaSAM.subversion = os.environ["NPASS"]

Definition at line 305 of file

runNovaSAM.tier = outTier.split(":")[1]

Definition at line 938 of file

runNovaSAM.tmpFclName = os.path.basename(fclPath).replace(".fcl", "_" + os.path.splitext(inFileBase)[0] + ".fcl")

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Definition at line 926 of file


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