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 NalignSimple analyzer module to print to text file information required for c++ based block alignment study. It does very rudimentary stuf, loop over tracks and garnering track information - all passed to a .txt
 NanaCuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study
 NartService to store calibration data products (CDP) in the SQLite3 metadatabase of a file
 NbsimBsim namespace for beam simulation classes and functions
 NcafThis module creates Common Analysis Files
 NcaldpHistograms used by attenuation calibration
 NcalhitThis module creates CellHit object
 NcalibCDPStorage service
 NchaninfoInterface to the run-by-run list of bad channels
 NcheatCode to link reconstructed objects back to the MC truth information
 NcmapCmap::CMap class source code
 NcmfModule to combine a set of results into a single file currently only does one data product type at a time
 NcomiCommissioning files to look at the quality of our data
 NcosmicSum up livetimes from individual cosmic triggers
 NcosrejCosmic Rejection PIDs for Numu analysis
 NcrvtxPlace a vertex on the detector wall for a cosmic-ray track
 NcvnDefines an enumeration for prong classification
 Ndaq2rawA module to produce rawdata::RawDigits from NOvADDT DAQHits
 NdaqdataformatsClass to hold the data from the FEBs in correct formats
 NdemoThe simplest job module possible to illustrate the essential features of a job module
 NdqsfCalculate the spill level data quality flags and save to sumdata::EventQuality
 NdsA very simple service to remember what detector we're working in
 NearmsElastic Arms vertex finding algorithm
 NevdNova event display
 NevdbManage all things related to colors for the event display
 NevgbPhysics generators for neutrinos, cosmic rays, and others
 NevgenModule to generate only pions from cosmic rays
 NevtsumDumps a summary of info about events to the screen
 NfilterModule that kips a configurable number of events between each that it allows through. Note that this module really skips (N-1) events, it uses a simple modular division as its critera. This module will cut down the data sample to 1/N of its original size
 NfuzzFuzzy k-Means prong-finding algorithm
 Ng4nTruthSlim – remove generated objects that don't contribute
 Ng4rwgtStore +/- 1 sigma shifts for all geant4reweight channels
 NgeoHelper for AttenCurve
 NhoughPerform a "2 point" Hough transform on a collection of hits
 NhvFind event vertex using a Hough transform
 NifdbThis module reads IFDB DB and then stores BNB spill info
 Nifdh_nsIFDH interface (data handling)
 Nlem$ \nu_e $ PID
 NlocatorDetector geometry information
 NmcchkSimple module to analyze MC cosmics distributions
 NmcdatadaqSomething conflicts with RandomNumberGenerator. Keep DAQSimulator.h include below Art Framework includes
 NMergeCalCollectionsGroup hits according to time and space
 NMergeCollectionsGroup hits according to time and space
 NMergeDaqCollectionsGroup hits according to time and space
 NMergeG4CollectionsGroup hits according to time and space
 NMergeGenCollectionsMerge generation collections MCTruth/MCFlux/GTruth/Dk2Nu/NuChoice
 NMergeTBDaqCollectionsGroup hits according to time and space
 NmetaClass for parsing *.fcl files for their metadata information
 NMunitsA namespace containing the MINOS system of units
 NmuonidA PID for muons
 NndrecoProduce variables useful to reconstruction pion energy
 NnerdDefines an enumeration for nerd classification
 NnovaHold drift constants from current run
 NnuesandModule to calculate and store sandbox variables in testing but added to the CAFs
 NnumueEnergy estimators for $ \nu_\mu $ CC events
 NnumusandSandbox to make objects for numu analysis in CAF
 NnussandSandbox to make objects for nu_s analysis in CAF
 NnutoolsSimple service to provide a RunHistory configured to the right run
 NomOnline Monitoring package header
 NoscOscillation probability calculators
 NpaTracking algorithms
 NphotransThis slightly less simple photon transport uses a template for photon collection in time and in distance along the fiber
 NpreselPreselection Object
 NqeefA module for finding numu CC QE interactions
 NrawdataDefinition of connection map class
 NrbPerform a "2 point" Hough transform on a collection of hits
 NrecodemoA quick reco producer module for the summer 2017 YN tutorial session
 NrecovalidClass to help Reco Validation modules make CAF cuts
 NremidA PID for muons
 NrsimCommon configuration params for SimpleReadout, FPGAAlgorithms, NoiseMaker
 NrwgtUse NuReweight to compute +/-1,2sigma shifts for all systematics
 NsimExample routine for calculating the "ultimate e-m mother" of a particle in a simulated event
 NsimbThis class describes a particle created in the detector Monte Carlo simulation
 NskimModule to create a summary of total POT seen in a job
 NslicerClass to help Slicer4D manage the collection of hits
 NslidBuild slid::LID objects to store electron ID, if asked for, otherwise, calculate LID info and make available
 NsnRemove hits from hot and cold channels
 NsupernovaAn ART module for generating supernova events via GENIE
 NtfTiming fit
 NtrackinfoTrack information
 NtrkTrack finder for cosmic rays
 NutilFilter events based on their run/event numbers
 NvalidationClass to run in order to validate ChannelInfo
 NvdtVertexDT finding algorithm
 NvfThis is the version 2, works for multi-track event
 NwsnumuWrong-sign BDT estimator for Numu analysis