test_Chain Namespace Reference


 chain = Chain.Chain("test")
 Blank constructor. More...
 tier_a = Tier.Tier(short_name="tier_a")
 tier_b = Tier.Tier(short_name="tier_b")
 short_names = chain.GetTierShortNames()
 Test GetTierShortNames() More...
 return_tier = chain.GetTier("tier_a")
 Test GetTier. More...
 fake_tier = chain.GetTier("fake_tier")
 tier_c = Tier.Tier(short_name="tier_c")
 Test GetTiers. More...
 return_tiers = chain.GetTiers(tier_a.short_name,tier_b.short_name)

Variable Documentation

test_Chain.chain = Chain.Chain("test")

Blank constructor.

Add tiers.

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test_Chain.fake_tier = chain.GetTier("fake_tier")

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test_Chain.return_tier = chain.GetTier("tier_a")

Test GetTier.

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test_Chain.return_tiers = chain.GetTiers(tier_a.short_name,tier_b.short_name)

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test_Chain.short_names = chain.GetTierShortNames()

Test GetTierShortNames()

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test_Chain.tier_a = Tier.Tier(short_name="tier_a")

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test_Chain.tier_b = Tier.Tier(short_name="tier_b")

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test_Chain.tier_c = Tier.Tier(short_name="tier_c")

Test GetTiers.

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