test_Tier Namespace Reference


 tier = Tier.Tier()
 Blank constructor. More...
bool dry_run = True
 Dry run a tier. More...
int n_events = 10
bool verbose = True
bool log_file = False
 return_value = tier.runTier(dry_run, n_events, verbose, log_file)
string input_name = "fardet_r00015900_s31_t02.raw"
 Run an import only tier. More...
string output_name = input_name.split("/")[-1]+".root"

Variable Documentation

bool test_Tier.dry_run = True

Dry run a tier.

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string test_Tier.input_name = "fardet_r00015900_s31_t02.raw"

Run an import only tier.

Run a raw2root test.

Run an import only tier which inspects the parent files metadata in SAM.

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bool test_Tier.log_file = False

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int test_Tier.n_events = 10
string test_Tier.output_name = input_name.split("/")[-1]+".root"

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test_Tier.return_value = tier.runTier(dry_run, n_events, verbose, log_file)

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Referenced by calib.globWrapper().

test_Tier.tier = Tier.Tier()

Blank constructor.

Constructor with some keyword argements.

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bool test_Tier.verbose = True

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