test_controller Namespace Reference


bool test_config_parser = True
 Test with config parser. More...
string test_config = "%s/test/test_config.json"
 controller = Controller(test_config)
bool test_reading = True
 Test reading. More...
string pkl = "%s/test/test_controller.pkl"
 job_sub_id = tools.getJobID(component.lines)
 logs = BatchLog(tools.fetchLogs(job_sub_id))
 root_files = tools.findRootOutput(component)

Variable Documentation

test_controller.controller = Controller(test_config)

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test_controller.job_sub_id = tools.getJobID(component.lines)

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test_controller.logs = BatchLog(tools.fetchLogs(job_sub_id))

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string test_controller.pkl = "%s/test/test_controller.pkl"

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test_controller.root_files = tools.findRootOutput(component)

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string test_controller.test_config = "%s/test/test_config.json"

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bool test_controller.test_config_parser = True

Test with config parser.

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bool test_controller.test_reading = True

Test reading.

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