test_view Namespace Reference


bool make_new = False
 Test view. More...
string pkl = "/nova/ana/users/tamsett/ana_valid/condor_output/validation/test_grid_validation/v7/controller.pkl"
 controller = cPickle.load(open(pkl,"r"))
 view = ControllerView(controller)
 canvas = Canvas()
bool unpickle = False
 Test with unpickling. More...
 controller_view = cPickle.load(open(pkl,"r"))
 html_view = HTMLView(controller_view)
bool sam_test = True
 Test a component view for a SAM definition. More...

Variable Documentation

test_view.canvas = Canvas()

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test_view.controller = cPickle.load(open(pkl,"r"))

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test_view.controller_view = cPickle.load(open(pkl,"r"))

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test_view.html_view = HTMLView(controller_view)

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bool test_view.make_new = False

Test view.

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string test_view.pkl = "/nova/ana/users/tamsett/ana_valid/condor_output/validation/test_grid_validation/v7/controller.pkl"

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bool test_view.sam_test = True

Test a component view for a SAM definition.

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bool test_view.unpickle = False

Test with unpickling.

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test_view.view = ControllerView(controller)

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