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Timing fit. More...


class  HoughScore
struct  Pt
 Represent one distance/time pair on a track. More...
class  TimingFit
 Determine the direction of tracks using timing. More...
class  TimingFitAlg
 Algorithm to determine the direction of tracks using timing. More...
class  TimingFitResult
 Store results of TimingFitAlg. More...


void TimingFitErrorHandler (int level, bool b_abort, const char *loc, const char *msg)


ErrorHandlerFunc_t gOldHandler = 0

Detailed Description

Timing fit.

Function Documentation

void tf::TimingFitErrorHandler ( int  level,
bool  b_abort,
const char *  loc,
const char *  msg 

Definition at line 70 of file TimingFitAlg.cxx.

References PandAna.Demos.demo0::loc, and lem_server::msg.

Referenced by tf::TimingFitAlg::HoughFitPts().

72  {
73  // If it's a serious message, do what we would normally do with it
74  if(level > kInfo) (*gOldHandler)(level, b_abort, loc, msg);
75  // Otherwise surppress it
76  }

Variable Documentation

ErrorHandlerFunc_t tf::gOldHandler = 0

Definition at line 65 of file TimingFitAlg.cxx.