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 for (int i=1;i< nexp+1;++i)
 for (int ibin=1;ibin< hnorm->GetNbinsX()+1;++ibin)
gStyle SetOptStat (0)
c1 cd ()
h2f SetXTitle ("E_{#nu_{e}} (GeV)")
h2f SetYTitle ("Flux weight")
h2f Draw ()
hmean SetLineColor (4)
hmean SetLineWidth (2)
hmean SetLineStyle (2)
hmean Draw ("HIST same")
h2f2 SetYTitle ("Uncertainty on flux weight")


TFile * file =new TFile("gsimple_nue_newflux.root")
TH1F * hnorm =(TH1F*)file->Get("Enorm")
TH1F * hweighted [nexp]
float finalweight [40][nexp]
TH1F * finalweight_hists [40]
float weightMean [40] ={0.}
float weightErr [40] ={0.}
TH1F * hmean =new TH1F("hmean","",40,0,10)
TBox * errband [40]
TCanvas * c1 =new TCanvas("fluxweight_total","",700,600)
TH2F * h2f =new TH2F("h2f","Flux weight vs. E_{#nu_{e}}",40,0.001,10,10,0.81,1.29)
TCanvas * c2 =new TCanvas("fluxweight_total_uncertainty","",700,600)
TH2F * h2f2 =new TH2F("h2f2","Flux weight uncertainty vs. E_{#nu_{e}}",40,0.001,10,10,-0.5,0.5)

Function Documentation

pad3 cd ( )
h2f Draw ( )
hmean Draw ( "HIST same"  )
for ( )

Definition at line 7 of file plots_total.C.

References MECModelEnuComparisons::i.

7  {
8  TString tot_name=Form("Eweight_%i",i);
9  hweighted[i-1]=(TH1F*)file->Get(tot_name);
10  }
TH1F * hweighted[nexp]
Definition: plots_total.C:6
TFile * file
Definition: plots_total.C:3
for ( int  ibin = 1; ibin<hnorm->GetNbinsX()+1; ++ibin)

Definition at line 14 of file plots_total.C.

References om::cout, den, allTimeWatchdog::endl, make_syst_table_plots::ibin, calib::j, num, and ana::weight.

14  {
15  for( int j=0; j<nexp; ++j ){
16  float den=hnorm->GetBinContent(ibin);
17  float num=hweighted[j]->GetBinContent(ibin);
18  float weight=0.;
19  cout<<j<<" "<<num<<" "<<den<<endl;
20  if( den>0.0 ) weight=num/den;
22  }//loop 100 weighted hists
23  }//loop energy bins
const Var weight
Float_t den
Definition: plot.C:36
TH1F * hweighted[nexp]
Definition: plots_total.C:6
float finalweight[40][nexp]
Definition: plots_total.C:13
TH1F * hnorm
Definition: plots_total.C:4
const double j
Definition: BetheBloch.cxx:29
OStream cout
Definition: OStream.cxx:6
int num
Definition: f2_nu.C:119
h88 SetLineColor ( )
lo_gr_750 SetLineStyle ( )
lo_gr_750 SetLineWidth ( )
gStyle SetOptStat ( )
h2f2 SetXTitle ( "E_{#nu_{e}} (GeV)"  )
h2f SetYTitle ( "Flux weight )
h2f2 SetYTitle ( "Uncertainty on flux weight )

Variable Documentation

TCanvas* c1 =new TCanvas("fluxweight_total","",700,600)

Definition at line 60 of file plots_total.C.

TCanvas* c2 =new TCanvas("fluxweight_total_uncertainty","",700,600)

Definition at line 72 of file plots_total.C.

TBox* errband[40]

Definition at line 50 of file plots_total.C.

TFile* file =new TFile("gsimple_nue_newflux.root")

Definition at line 3 of file plots_total.C.

float finalweight[40][nexp]

Definition at line 13 of file plots_total.C.

TH1F* finalweight_hists[40]

Definition at line 26 of file plots_total.C.

TH2F* h2f =new TH2F("h2f","Flux weight vs. E_{#nu_{e}}",40,0.001,10,10,0.81,1.29)

Definition at line 62 of file plots_total.C.

Referenced by for().

TH2F* h2f2 =new TH2F("h2f2","Flux weight uncertainty vs. E_{#nu_{e}}",40,0.001,10,10,-0.5,0.5)

Definition at line 74 of file plots_total.C.

Referenced by for().

TH1F* hmean =new TH1F("hmean","",40,0,10)
TH1F* hnorm =(TH1F*)file->Get("Enorm")

Definition at line 4 of file plots_total.C.

Referenced by genie::flux::GAtmoFlux::LoadFluxData().

TH1F* hweighted[nexp]

Definition at line 6 of file plots_total.C.

float weightErr[40] ={0.}

Definition at line 39 of file plots_total.C.

float weightMean[40] ={0.}

Definition at line 38 of file plots_total.C.