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5 #include "CAFAna/Cuts/Cuts.h"
15 using namespace ana;
18 {
19  FileReducer reduce(fname, outname);
20  reduce.SetMetadata("nova.decaf_skim", "numu2020");
22  const Cut kIsND(
23  [](const caf::SRProxy* sr)
24  {
25  return sr->hdr.det==caf::kNEARDET;
26  });
28  const Cut kIsFD(
29  [](const caf::SRProxy* sr)
30  {
31  return sr->hdr.det==caf::kFARDET;
32  });
34  const Cut fdCut = (kIsFD && kNumu2020FDDecafCut);
35  const Cut ndCut = (kIsND && kNumu2020NDDecafCut);
37  reduce.AddEventCut(fdCut || ndCut);
40  reduce.Go();
41 }
Near Detector underground.
Definition: SREnums.h:10
Far Detector at Ash River.
Definition: SREnums.h:11
Cuts and Vars for the 2020 FD DiF Study.
Definition: vars.h:6
void ClearSecondaryTrackInfo(caf::StandardRecord *sr)
caf::Proxy< caf::SRHeader > hdr
Definition: SRProxy.h:2137
Proxy for caf::StandardRecord.
Definition: SRProxy.h:2126
void SetMetadata(const std::string &key, const std::string &val)
Cause the output file to be systematically shifted.
Definition: FileReducer.h:102
void AddReductionStep(const std::function< ReductionFunc > &f)
Run the specified reduction function over each event.
Definition: FileReducer.h:85
void reduce_prod5_numu(std::string fname, std::string outname)
void AddEventCut(const Cut &cut)
Only copy records to the output file if they pass this cut.
caf::StandardRecord * sr
virtual void Go() override
Load all the registered spectra.
Create smaller CAFs.
Definition: FileReducer.h:56
const Cut kNumu2020FDDecafCut
Definition: NumuCuts2020.h:64
const Cut kNumu2020NDDecafCut
Definition: NumuCuts2020.h:63
void ClearMultiNuInfo(caf::StandardRecord *sr)
Definition: FileReducer.cxx:25
caf::Proxy< caf::Det_t > det
Definition: SRProxy.h:232
enum BeamMode string