simb.h File Reference

Common type definitions for data products (and a bit beyond). More...

#include <limits>

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 This class describes a particle created in the detector Monte Carlo simulation.

Generated particle index

This type represents the position of a specific generated particle in the generator truth record, simb::MCTruth. The particle itself can be accessed from that record via simb::MCTruth::GetParticle().

using simb::GeneratedParticleIndex_t = std::size_t
 Type of particle index in the generator truth record (simb::MCTruth). More...
constexpr GeneratedParticleIndex_t simb::NoGeneratedParticleIndex = std::numeric_limits<GeneratedParticleIndex_t>::max()
 Constant representing the absence of generator truth information. More...
bool simb::isGeneratedParticleIndex (GeneratedParticleIndex_t index)
 Returns whether the specified one is an acceptable generator index. More...

Detailed Description

Common type definitions for data products (and a bit beyond).

Gianluca Petrillo (
April 6, 2018

Definition in file simb.h.