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art::RootOutput::Config Struct Reference


struct  KeysToIgnore

Public Types

using Name = fhicl::Name
using Comment = fhicl::Comment
template<typename T >
using Atom = fhicl::Atom< T >
template<typename T >
using OptionalAtom = fhicl::OptionalAtom< T >

Public Member Functions

 Config ()

Public Attributes

fhicl::TableFragment< art::OutputModule::ConfigomConfig
Atom< std::stringcatalog {Name("catalog"), ""}
OptionalAtom< bool > dropAllEvents {Name("dropAllEvents")}
Atom< bool > dropAllSubRuns {Name("dropAllSubRuns"), false}
OptionalAtom< bool > fastCloning {Name("fastCloning")}
Atom< std::stringtmpDir {Name("tmpDir"), default_tmpDir}
Atom< intcompressionLevel {Name("compressionLevel"), 7}
Atom< int64_t > saveMemoryObjectThreshold
Atom< int64_t > treeMaxVirtualSize {Name("treeMaxVirtualSize"), -1}
Atom< intsplitLevel {Name("splitLevel"), 99}
Atom< intbasketSize {Name("basketSize"), 16384}
Atom< bool > dropMetaDataForDroppedData
Atom< std::stringdropMetaData {Name("dropMetaData"), "NONE"}
Atom< bool > writeParameterSets {Name("writeParameterSets"), true}
Atom< bool > enableLargeFileCatalogMetadata
fhicl::Table< ClosingCriteria::ConfigfileProperties

Detailed Description

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Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename T >
using art::RootOutput::Config::Atom = fhicl::Atom<T>

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

art::RootOutput::Config::Config ( void  )

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References omConfig, fhicl::REQUIRED, and fhicl::detail::ParameterBase::set_par_style().

88  {
89  // Both RootOutput module and OutputModule use the "fileName"
90  // FHiCL parameter. However, whereas in OutputModule the
91  // parameter has a default, for RootOutput the parameter should
92  // not. We therefore have to change the default flag setting
93  // for 'OutputModule::Config::fileName'.
94  using namespace fhicl::detail;
95  ParameterBase* adjustFilename{
96  const_cast<fhicl::Atom<std::string>*>(&omConfig().fileName)};
98  }
fhicl::TableFragment< art::OutputModule::Config > omConfig
void set_par_style(par_style const vt)

Member Data Documentation

Atom<int> art::RootOutput::Config::basketSize {Name("basketSize"), 16384}

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Atom<std::string> art::RootOutput::Config::catalog {Name("catalog"), ""}

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Atom<int> art::RootOutput::Config::compressionLevel {Name("compressionLevel"), 7}

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OptionalAtom<bool> art::RootOutput::Config::dropAllEvents {Name("dropAllEvents")}

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Atom<bool> art::RootOutput::Config::dropAllSubRuns {Name("dropAllSubRuns"), false}

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Atom<std::string> art::RootOutput::Config::dropMetaData {Name("dropMetaData"), "NONE"}

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Atom<bool> art::RootOutput::Config::dropMetaDataForDroppedData
Initial value:

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Atom<bool> art::RootOutput::Config::enableLargeFileCatalogMetadata
Initial value:

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OptionalAtom<bool> art::RootOutput::Config::fastCloning {Name("fastCloning")}

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fhicl::Table<ClosingCriteria::Config> art::RootOutput::Config::fileProperties
Initial value:

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fhicl::TableFragment<art::OutputModule::Config> art::RootOutput::Config::omConfig

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Referenced by Config().

Atom<int64_t> art::RootOutput::Config::saveMemoryObjectThreshold
Initial value:

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Atom<int> art::RootOutput::Config::splitLevel {Name("splitLevel"), 99}

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Atom<std::string> art::RootOutput::Config::tmpDir {Name("tmpDir"), default_tmpDir}

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Atom<int64_t> art::RootOutput::Config::treeMaxVirtualSize {Name("treeMaxVirtualSize"), -1}

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Atom<bool> art::RootOutput::Config::writeParameterSets {Name("writeParameterSets"), true}

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