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art::SamplingInput::Config Struct Reference


struct  KeysToIgnore

Public Attributes

Atom< std::stringmodule_type {Name{"module_type"}}
Atom< unsigned > maxEvents {Name{"maxEvents"}, 1u}
OptionalAtom< RunNumber_trun
OptionalAtom< SubRunNumber_tsubRun {Name{"subRun"}}
OptionalAtom< EventNumber_tfirstEvent {Name{"firstEvent"}}
DelegatedParameter dataSets
Atom< bool > summary {Name{"summary"}, true}
Atom< bool > delayedReadEventProducts
Sequence< std::stringinputCommands
Atom< bool > dropDescendantsOfDroppedBranches
Atom< bool > readParameterSets {Name{"readParameterSets"}, true}
Atom< unsigned > treeCacheSize {Name("treeCacheSize"), 0u}
Atom< std::int64_t > treeMaxVirtualSize {Name("treeMaxVirtualSize"), -1}
Atom< int64_t > saveMemoryObjectThreshold
Atom< bool > compactRanges

Detailed Description

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Member Data Documentation

Atom<bool> art::SamplingInput::Config::compactRanges
Initial value:
"The 'compactRanges' parameter can be set to 'true'\n"
"if the user can guarantee that a SubRun is not spread across\n"
"multiple input files. Setting it to 'true' can yield some\n"
"memory savings when reading input files created before art 2.01,\n"
"but it can also modify the provenance of the workflow. Please\n"
"consult your experiment's policy on provenance before setting this\n"
"parameter to 'true'."},

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DelegatedParameter art::SamplingInput::Config::dataSets
Initial value:
"The value of the 'dataSets' parameter is a table of the form:\n\n"
" dataSets: {\n"
" <dataset name>: {\n"
" fileNames: [<string>]\n"
" weight: <double>\n"
" skipToEvent: \"\" #default\n"
" }\n"
" ...\n"
" }\n\n"
"where the '<dataset name>' parameter labels a particular\n"
"dataset (e.g. 'signal'), the 'fileNames' refers to the files\n"
"that contains events of the dataset, and the 'weight'\n"
"is a floating-point number used to determine the frequency\n"
"with which events from this dataset are sampled, relative to\n"
"the sum of weights across all datasets.\n\n"
"The 'skipToEvent' parameter specifies the first event that\n"
"should be used when sampling from a specific input file. The\n"
"correct specification is via the triplet \"run:subrun:event\".\n"
"For example, to begin sampling at run 3, subrun 2, event 39\n"
"from this dataset, the user should specify:\n\n"
" skipToEvent: \"3:2:39\"\n\n"
"Specifying the empty string (the default) is equivalent to\n"
"beginning at the first event of the file. All other\n"
"specifications are ill-formed and will result in an exception\n"
"throw at the beginning of the job.\n\n"
"The ellipsis indicates that multiple datasets can be configured.\n\n"
"N.B. Only one file per dataset is currently allowed."}}

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Atom<bool> art::SamplingInput::Config::delayedReadEventProducts
Initial value:

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Atom<bool> art::SamplingInput::Config::dropDescendantsOfDroppedBranches
Initial value:

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OptionalAtom<EventNumber_t> art::SamplingInput::Config::firstEvent {Name{"firstEvent"}}

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Sequence<std::string> art::SamplingInput::Config::inputCommands
Initial value:
std::vector<std::string>{"keep *"}}

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Atom<unsigned> art::SamplingInput::Config::maxEvents {Name{"maxEvents"}, 1u}

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Atom<std::string> art::SamplingInput::Config::module_type {Name{"module_type"}}

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Atom<bool> art::SamplingInput::Config::readParameterSets {Name{"readParameterSets"}, true}

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OptionalAtom<RunNumber_t> art::SamplingInput::Config::run
Initial value:
"The specified run and subrun numbers are used for all primary "
"generated in a given art job. If no values are specified, default\n"
"values of 1 and 0 are chosen for the run and subrun, "

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Atom<int64_t> art::SamplingInput::Config::saveMemoryObjectThreshold
Initial value:

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OptionalAtom<SubRunNumber_t> art::SamplingInput::Config::subRun {Name{"subRun"}}

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Atom<bool> art::SamplingInput::Config::summary {Name{"summary"}, true}

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Atom<unsigned> art::SamplingInput::Config::treeCacheSize {Name("treeCacheSize"), 0u}

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Atom<std::int64_t> art::SamplingInput::Config::treeMaxVirtualSize {Name("treeMaxVirtualSize"), -1}

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