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art::Worker::ImplDoWork< BranchActionEnd > Struct Template Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename PRINCIPAL >
static bool invoke (Worker *const w, PRINCIPAL &p, CurrentProcessingContext const *cpc)

Detailed Description

struct art::Worker::ImplDoWork< BranchActionEnd >

Definition at line 186 of file Worker.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename PRINCIPAL >
static bool art::Worker::ImplDoWork< BranchActionEnd >::invoke ( Worker *const  w,
CurrentProcessingContext const *  cpc 

Definition at line 189 of file Worker.h.

References art::Worker::implDoEnd().

190  {
191  return w->implDoEnd(p, cpc);
192  }
const char * p
Definition: xmltok.h:285
Float_t w
Definition: plot.C:20

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