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cet::sqlite::detail::bind_parameters< TUP, N > Struct Template Reference

#include "/cvmfs/"

Static Public Member Functions

static void bind (sqlite3_stmt *s, TUP const &t)

Detailed Description

template<class TUP, size_t N>
struct cet::sqlite::detail::bind_parameters< TUP, N >

Definition at line 37 of file bind_parameters.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class TUP , size_t N>
static void cet::sqlite::detail::bind_parameters< TUP, N >::bind ( sqlite3_stmt *  s,
TUP const &  t 

Definition at line 39 of file bind_parameters.h.

References cet::sqlite::detail::bind_one_null(), cet::sqlite::detail::bind_one_parameter(), and ParseFluxesFile::param.

Referenced by cet::sqlite::Connection::flush_no_throw().

40  {
42  if (auto& param = std::get<N - 1>(t))
44  else
45  bind_one_null(s, N);
46  }
void bind_one_parameter(sqlite3_stmt *s, std::size_t const idx, double const v)
const XML_Char * s
Definition: expat.h:262
static void bind(sqlite3_stmt *s, TUP const &t)
void bind_one_null(sqlite3_stmt *s, std::size_t const idx)

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