Todo List
Member comi::Leana::IsPointOnEdge (double x, double y, double z)
Hardwired to the NDOS case...
Member daqchannelmap::FarDetDAQChannelMap::computeFEB (plane_t plane, fiber_t fiber) const
This needs to be checked. Not sure if modules are counted the way I assume...
Member evd::TQPad::RangeChanged ()
what to do with colors when axis zooms? switch (drawopt->fWhichHits) { case evd::RawDrawingOptions::kRAW_HITS: ColorScaleTable::MakeRawQ(lo, hi); break; case evd::RawDrawingOptions::kCAL_HITS: ColorScaleTable::MakeCalQ(lo, hi); break; default: break; }
Member evgb::CRYHelper::Sample (simb::MCTruth &mctruth, double const &surfaceY, double const &detectorLength, double *w, double rantime=0)
Check if this time slice passes selection criteria
Member g4n::FLSHitListAction::SteppingAction (const G4Step *)
We should not be setting Birks Constant at each Geant4 step.
  1. rho could be calculated in the very beginning (material is allways Scintillator) once
  2. SetBirksConstant may probably also be done once somehow, but for sure we could do it in PreTrackingAction
Member geo::GeometryBase::SurfaceY () const
: Only far det number is reasonable accurate. Near and IPND need some thought
File HelpMenu.cxx
This needs a lot of work if it is to actually provide help...
Member novaddt::NovaDDTTrigger::analyze (art::Event const &e)
insert code to issue the trigger decision here
Member om::ComparisonBox::HandleFileBrowse ()
: Set the startup directory to an appropriate directory of reference files
Member om::HistoSet::CopyAndResetOne (const std::string &nm, TH1 *h, unsigned int which)
The code fragments below are carbon copies of one another with 1->2. Is there a more elegant solution to this?
Member om::HistoSet::WriteToRootFile (TFile *f)
- Should make folders inside the file to keep the histograms organized
Member om::PlotClickHandler::HwDetDoubleClick ()
: remove all of the hard-coded drill-down histos listed above
Member om::WatchListBox::LayoutHardwareFrame ()
: add detectorID republish into everything that would change
File ParticleIDAlg.cxx
Remove hardcoded physical constants.
Member rawdata::RawTrigger::TDCT0 () const
There may be some issues with roll-overs with this simple treatment.
Member rb::Cluster::MinMaxMeanXYZ (TVector3 &lo, TVector3 &hi, TVector3 &mean, rb::AveragingScheme scheme=kDefaultScheme) const
Won't be quite right in the FD when cells aren't at right angles?
Member rb::Prong::W (const rb::CellHit *chit) const
CJB - we're just moving the point in the XY plane to get it on the line. Maybe we should take the route perpendicular to the line instead. Similarly for Track
Member rb::Track::W (const rb::CellHit *chit) const
CJB: do we want to allow the case with only one hit?
Namespace slid

Jianming's oscillation weighting: Need to find standard

File StatusBar.h
Currently unimplemented...