The FD cosmic MC sample. This sample was generated using real data run numbers. This enables the default reconstruction to apply masks which exclude diblocks which were not included in the corresponding real run and hence reproduce the conditions of the real run.

This dataset corresponds to the pre-October 2014 shutdown dataset.

The datasets for this sample are:

ChainTier DefinitionSAM query status Files Events Size
cosmicartdaq prod_daq_FA14-10-03_fd_cry_all 29,965 5,993,000 15.83 TB
pclist prod_pclist_S15-02-09_fd_cry_all 29,965 5,993,000 646.92 GB
pcliststop prod_pcliststop_S15-02-09_fd_cry_all 29,965 5,457,861 20.99 GB
timecal prod_timecal_S15-02-09_fd_cry_all 29,965 29,965 2.94 GB
Total 119,860 17,473,826 16.48 TB