The FD cosmic MC sample made with the full 14DB detector. This sample is intended for future sensitivity studies and as such does not need to reflect the running conditions used to collect the first-analysis dataset. As a result this sample uses the old style 1,000,000+ run number scheme.

This sample was processed through the calibration path in the release S15-02-09.

The datasets for this sample are:

ChainTier DefinitionSAM query status Files Events Size
cosmicartdaq prod_artdaq_FA14-10-03_fd_cry_14db 9,893 1,978,600 5.23 TB
pclist prod_pclist_S15-02-09_fd_cry_14db 9,893 1,978,600 251.65 GB
pcliststop prod_pcliststop_S15-02-09_fd_cry_14db 9,893 1,869,866 7.91 GB
timecal prod_timecal_S15-02-09_fd_cry_14db 9,893 9,893 1.0 GB
Total 39,572 5,836,959 5.48 TB