This sample was simulated with an alternative FD geometry whereby planes are displaced from their nominal positions by random jitters. It was then reconstructed assuming the nominal geometry. This sample provides a way to study the effect of getting our geometry wrong in the reconstruction. This is the third iteration of this sample. The first iteration used different generated events to the baseline sample. The second iteration re-uses the same events as the baseline sample. These events are then re-run through GEANT using the jittered geometry then reconstructed assuming the original (nominal but not perfect) geometry. The third iteration re-mixes the LEM and PID part files of the second iteration of files to fix a bug.

The datasets for this sample are:

ChainTier DefinitionSAM query status Files Events Size
FHC nonswapartdaq prod_daq_FA14-10-03_fd_genie_fhc_nonswap_geojittered 1,500 1,495,391 461.18 GB
reco prod_reco_FA14-10-28_fd_genie_fhc_nonswap_geojittered 1,497 1,492,396 749.98 GB
pid prod_pid_FA15-01-12_fd_genie_fhc_nonswap_geojittered 1,493 1,488,406 755.81 GB
caf prod_caf_FA15-01-12_fd_genie_fhc_nonswap_geojittered 1,491 1,486,412 5.72 GB
FHC fluxswapartdaq prod_daq_FA14-10-03_fd_genie_fhc_fluxswap_geojittered 1,499 1,495,152 471.35 GB
reco prod_reco_FA14-10-28_fd_genie_fhc_fluxswap_geojittered 1,499 1,495,152 755.95 GB
pid prod_pid_FA15-01-12_fd_genie_fhc_fluxswap_geojittered 1,499 1,495,152 762.44 GB
caf prod_caf_FA15-01-12_fd_genie_fhc_fluxswap_geojittered 1,499 1,495,152 5.66 GB
FHC tauartdaq prod_daq_FA14-10-03_fd_genie_fhc_tau_geojittered 1,498 1,489,185 504.11 GB
reco prod_reco_FA14-10-28_fd_genie_fhc_tau_geojittered 1,498 1,489,185 786.77 GB
pid prod_pid_FA15-01-12_fd_genie_fhc_tau_geojittered 1,496 1,487,198 791.64 GB
caf prod_caf_FA15-01-12_fd_genie_fhc_tau_geojittered 1,496 1,487,198 5.36 GB
Total 17,965 17,895,979 5.91 TB