This FD cosmic sample has been simulated in the same release as the core analysis files provided for first analysis FA14-10-03x.a. This is unlike the FD cosmic files used for the computation of calibration constants described in the FD cosmics page , which were simulated in FA14-10-03 as were all the calibration samples. The difference between these releases is described in full on the history of tagged releases page . In brief it includes the fixing of the Birk's suppression bug, the addition of APD sag, a truth bug fix, and an update to the noise model.

The datasets for this sample are:

ChainTier DefinitionSAM query status Files Events Size
cosmicsfcl prod_fcl_FA14-10-03x.a_fd_cry_all 100 0 489.34 KB
daq prod_daq_FA14-10-03x.a_fd_cry_all 100 20,000 54.11 GB
pclist prod_pclist_S15-02-09_fd_cry_all_from_daq_FA14-10-03x.a 100 20,000 2.52 GB
pcliststop prod_pcliststop_S15-02-09_fd_cry_all_from_daq_FA14-10-03x.a 100 18,984 83.27 MB
timecal prod_timecal_S15-02-09_fd_cry_all_from_daq_FA14-10-03x.a 100 100 10.58 MB
Total 500 59,084 56.71 GB