How to use this page

This page contains definitions to achieve the build-up for the 2016 production campaign.

All datasets should be used in conjunction with knowledge of the software release that was used to make them. This information is available here. The old redmine based version of this page can be viewed here, however this page is out of date and is not being maintained.

Sample Sub-sample CAF deCAF Notes
New CAFs R16-11-12-feature_caf_size.b

Sample Sub-sample sim/raw2root pclist pcliststop timecal Notes
ND CRY MC (ideal detector)
Cosmic data
FD CRY MC (ideal, gains 100 and 140)
Cosmic data

Sample Sub-sample sim/raw2root PID CAF deCAF Notes
FD FD cosmic-overlay MC
FD cosmic-overlay MC, v2
FD cosmic MC
ND MC, v2