FD Genie MC (light level variations). The light level is shifted one direction and the calibrations the other, to reflect what would have happened post-calibration if the light level were truly different. These definitions correspond to files made during the production4 campaign to eliminate the need for the "noshift" alternate nominal.

The datasets for this sample are:

ChainTier DefinitionSAM query status Files Events Size
All FHC periods (nonswap sample)pid prod_pid_R17-03-01-prod3reco.r_fd_genie_nonswap_fhc_nova_v08_full_lightmodel-lightup-calibdown_v1 0 0 0 B
All FHC periods (fluxswap sample)pid prod_pid_R17-03-01-prod3reco.r_fd_genie_fluxswap_fhc_nova_v08_full_lightmodel-lightup-calibdown_v1 3,116 3,116,000 8.94 TB
All FHC periods (tauswap sample)pid prod_pid_R17-03-01-prod3reco.r_fd_genie_tau_fhc_nova_v08_full_lightmodel-lightup-calibdown_v1 3,174 3,174,000 9.23 TB
All RHC periods (nonswap sample)pid prod_pid_R17-03-01-prod3reco.r_fd_genie_nonswap_rhc_nova_v08_full_lightmodel-lightup-calibdown_v1 2,952 2,952,000 9.88 TB
All RHC periods (fluxswap sample)pid prod_pid_R17-03-01-prod3reco.r_fd_genie_fluxswap_rhc_nova_v08_full_lightmodel-lightup-calibdown_v1 3,286 3,286,000 11.0 TB
All RHC periods (tauswap sample)pid prod_pid_R17-03-01-prod3reco.r_fd_genie_tau_rhc_nova_v08_full_lightmodel-lightup-calibdown_v1 3,086 3,086,000 10.41 TB
Total 15,614 15,614,000 49.47 TB