Index of Existing Tutorials

General Tutorials

At multiple places and times
Tutorials not otherwise associated with any particular event

Young NOvA Workshop 2020

At Zoom, May 2020
Tutorials on ART, CAFs, FC etc. Overviews of neutrino oscillation experiments, grant proposals, and good coding practices

Reco and Deep Learning Workshop 2020

At Fermilab, March 2020
Tutorials on ML training, network evaluation and validation

Young NOvA Workshop 2019

At University of Sussex, June 2019
Tutorials on cross-section, covariance matrix, PandAna, giving a good talk, joint fit, Wilson cluster, hand scanning etc

Reco tutorials 2018

At Fermilab, September 2018
Some tutorials happened at reconstruction parallel sessions (HDF5 and PandAna)

Young NOvA Workshop 2018

At Fermilab, June 2018
Introduction to NuMI, DDT, art, SAM, grid, CAFAna, poster making, blessed plots etc.

Deep Learning Workshop 2017

At Fermilab, October 2017 meeting
Introduction to DL and CNNs, CVN and validation, Keras etc.

Predictions and Systematics tutorial 2017

At Fermilab, October 2017 meeting
Making systematics and predictions for the nue and numu analyses

Lunchtime Lectures 2017

At Wichita State University, June 2017 meeting
Writing a good talk, mixing in neutrinos and beyond, statistics for your analysis

Young NOvA Workshop 2017

At Wichita State University, June 2017 meeting
Analyses in 10 minutes, fits and sensitivities, art modules, debugging, reconstruction, cvn...

NOvA Workshop 2016

At Fermilab, April 2016 meeting
Introduction to NOvA, Event display basics, introduction to the reconstruction chain, file types, samweb, grid utilities and more..

NOvA Reco Workshop 2016

At Fermilab, October 2016 meeting
Validation tools, ART and CAF examples and CVN basics

NOvA Tutorials 2014

From the April 2014 tutorials at Fermilab.
Novasoft and SVN, ART, CAF and CAFAna basics, Databases, Backtracker and Event display.
NB: Some info here can be outdated

Shifter tutorials and documetntation.

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